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Ross Hudgens
Founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency specializing in SEO. We accelerate your content marketing.
Founder of Siege Media, a content marketing agency specializing in SEO. We accelerate your content marketing.

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13 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Today

Wrote a new post detailing 13 SEO tips and techniques I've been using recently -- and hopefully, these aren't tips you hear every five seconds swirling around the SEO continuum.

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How to Increase Website Traffic by 250,000+ Monthly Visits

In the past three years, our team has helped spurn three increases of this magnitude - and more. In this post we detail the step by step process that made the growth happen. 

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The 100 Best Infographics [Interactive]

We spent 40+ hours, using 20+ years of experience, curating the 100 infographics we felt best fit the title of "best". The result is this post. 

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How to Get More PR Value from Bizarre Holidays

Bizarre holidays offer unique opportunities to get more shelf life from your content. Some of our most successful pieces have ended that way because we tied them to a random, interesting day of the year.

If you have an interactive on pies, January 23rd's National Pie Day would be a great time to repromote it. 

A survey on workplace fulfillment? The 27th's Punch the Clock Day would be a good fit.

Getting Started with Random Holidays
Start the process by compiling a list of these days, such as can be found here.

From there, setup a bi-monthly reminder email that goes out to your whole PR team. The email should have the next 30 days of bizarre holidays. Every email should share two weeks worth of holidays with the previous email.

Why two weeks? If we sent it once a month, the outreach team wouldn't have enough time to get in front of the holiday and in front of reporters who might be interested. 

If we sent it more, we might start tuning it out. Therefore, it makes sense that two weeks are shared on each. 

Other Suggestions for Reminding Yourself
You might use some other project management/calendar app, such as Basecamp, or Google Calendar. Those work as well, if you want to spend the time setting up the individual events. 

Get more value -- team impact -- by setting it up on a shared calendar. This way, everyone will see the bizarre holidays when they are also browsing through their other tasks.

Be careful, though - this should be a soft reminder to find one to two holidays a month, not something that makes your own calendar less useful. 

The Bizarre=The Less Saturated
Everyone is pitching July 4th. Pitch a holiday people don't usually pitch, and give reporters new angles they can utilize to create interesting stories.

They want them - you just have to put the story on their desk. 

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Content Curation for Marketers: The Definitive Guide

I've been curating since the start of my career, and I see many people use Twitter and other networks poorly when trying to do the same.

I compiled everything I know on the subject in one big post, which includes an infographic, word-for-word templates, and many free tools to use as well.

Includes great strategies and examples from +SEMrush, +Dan Shure, +Larry Kim, +Seer Interactive and more. 

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The 100 Most Popular Google Keywords

Working with the team at +SEMrush, we uncovered the 100 most popular, non-branded keywords on Google. There were some interesting inclusions amongst the list. Who knew lottery searches were so popular?

See the full post:

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How to Determine if a Keyword has an Outreach Market

I found one of the hardest things to communicate for me, to both our team and our clients, is why a keyword just doesn't work as an outreach source. There are very subtle details that separate keywords from having huge link development potential and none. 

I decided to do something about that frustration and write a post about it. I get into the nitty gritty of those details in this post, with help from our friend, Mr. T.

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The Science Behind the Most Shared Infographics

What makes an infographic popular? Our team at +Siege Media, who frequently creates them, wondered this ourselves so we analyzed the 1000 most shared infographics in the past year using +BuzzSumo.

The results were quite interesting, including surprising takeaways on width, the must used color, and more.

Check it out in full here:

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Content Marketing Data That Moved the Needle

Presented some new data Friday at SearchLove here in San Diego. Insights include outreach best practices, optimal content structure, and what the ideal infographic looks like. 

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The Most Common Words Used in High-Ranking Title Tags

Keywords have huge impact on ranking, but what about the non-keywords around them? We curious exactly which words seemed to make an impact on ranking, so underwent a data analysis with the help of +SEMrush to make that a reality. 

The results were interesting, including some words that seemed obvious at first, that later caused me to completely remove them from the result set.
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