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trying to join a particular hangout, but I think I was invited via the wrong address... Paging +Joe Edelman

but, just to prove how savvy I am, I am now using multiple sign-in, so I can use G+ and my corporate gmail account simultaneously. at last.... !

anyone know how to buy extra storage for Gmail? the normal extra-storage option does not apply to Gmail, apparently. Just a link would be great. thanks!

For my ICANN colleagues: just made my self a customized T shirt with jeff williams' name here at google zeitgeist11 - a kinda private joke.

interesting FB announcement - from "like" to all verbs. the semantic web is coming.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Zeitgeist. Let me know if you're coming too.

Da, they do care about health in Russia! My favorite moment last week: As I was going through security on the way out through Sheremetevo Airport, a youngish security guard noticed my FitBit. I told her it was a pedometer; she smiled and said she has one too! I almost whipped out my camera to take her photo, but that might have been stretching it....

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I couldn't resist... Harvard alumni survey reveals something - not sure what!

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If you've been wanting to get your genome done, here's a coupon code for @23andme for $50 off the total price (including a 1-yr subscription) of $207. enter XPRWFY at before Aug 9. (And feel free to share this code!)

So... It took several days of e-mails and just now an hour of active fooling around, but I;m back on G+ with a separate personal account and an admin account for my old email etc. I now have a brand-new gmail account tied to this G+ account.

...and a chance to try an interesting experiment: How long will it take for the spam to arrive? (so to make this a proper trial I will not mention the new e-mail address here.)

For those of you mystified, just Google "google account transition" to find a lot of instructions... too many, in fact! Thanks to +iris Lu and +Bradley Horowitz for helping me through this!
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