Got this idea: Aspected Approaches

I've seen some very cool articles on approaches lately that have me preferring them over things like attributes. And while I enjoy the interplay they have with aspects, I've always felt aspects needed to be targeted a little better mechanically. The idea that follows came from playing with the mechanics of Dragon Brigade (Cortex Plus).

Each approach has an aspect that describes how that approach applies to the character. These aspects replace character aspects.

When you roll the approach in a manner that applies to its aspect, you can get a free reroll, if desired. By spending a fate point, you can increase a relevant roll by 2.

If an aspect on a different approach would be relevant, you can spend a fate point to reroll, but not add +2.

Situation aspects and boosts, when created, have an alignment according to the trait that created it. Like, Makeshift Shield (Forceful) . That shield can be invoked during a use of any approach for a reroll, or with an action involving Forceful for a reroll or a +2. If it was created by Flashy, it would probably have a different descriptor, like Shield of Fire or it could remain a Makeshift Shield , either way it would have Flashy attached.

Here's a contrast of the Hulk and Jean Grey as an example. I picked these two because they're both known for their raw power, but are drastically different in application.

The Hulk
Careful +0 You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry
Clever +2 Banner Genius, But Puny
Flashy +1 Enormous Green Rage Monster
Forceful +3 Strongest One There Is
Quick +2 Always On The Run
Sneaky +1 General Ross No Like Me Date Betty

Jean Grey
Careful +2 I Don't Know My Own Limits
Clever +2 I Live At A School
Flashy +1 The Phoenix Devours Everything
Forceful +3 Alpha Level Telekinetic
Quick +0 Scott and Professor Xavier Call The Shots
Sneaky +1 I Can Read Minds

You may be wondering how those aspects are any different than the usual five. They're not, except in the way they can be invoked. But I came to these aspects much easier than I ever have before because I had the approach and its rating to work with. I thought, "what does this approach mean to this character, at this rating?" Instant aspect (took 5 min to write Hulk, less for Jean).

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