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Online Mathematics, English, and ESL Lessons for Children and Adults
English as a Second Language Instruction for Adults in Business and Academics/ Reading and Writing Intervention Lessons for Children
English as a Second Language Instruction for Adults in Business and Academics/ Reading and Writing Intervention Lessons for Children

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Free Pre-Algebra Lessons

I am offering free Pre-Algebra lessons for three students who are grade 7 or above.  This is for a graduate certificate program.  If you are interested, please read all about it in my blog and respond to me there.

New Study Skills Lesson

I have am now offering an online webinar hour and a half (middle school) or two hour (high school/college) study skills lesson that teaches students:

1) Three different forms of lecture note-taking (based upon their learner profile),
2) A very effective and quick system for taking notes on what you read,
3) How to use a fast and powerful electronic flashcard system that is very helpful for subjects such as foreign languages that have a lot of vocabulary to learn, and
4) Research-based memory techniques like spaced repetition.

The high school/college study skills lesson will also include a quick test to determine students’ preferred learning style and then teach students powerful metacognitive strategies that will help them retain more of what they learn, based upon their predominant learning style.

If students desire more follow-up lessons, I can arrange that as well, but this lesson is designed to place students well on the road to self-sufficiency when it comes to studying for classes such as history, foreign languages, and psychology. 

This course is taught via interactive webinar.  You will be actually putting the skills into practice during the webinar.  Winners with the best set of notes in the webinar (as chosen by their fellow students) will win a free 55 minute lesson of their choice from other lessons I provide (Reading and writing remediation or editing services, Pre-Algebra, or ESL lessons) .  Each participant in the webinar pays $15 dollars for the middle school webinar and $20 for the high school/college webinar. 

I will regularly be announcing dates and times for the study skills webinar here and on the SAT Reading/Writing Blog:

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New Pre-Algebra  Lessons

The Pre-Algebra lessons will allow students to truly understand mathematics on a deep conceptual level through the use of real life problems that they solve before they are taught any formulas or theorems.  They will use concrete and virtual manipulatives and visuals in order to attempt to solve the problems as they are provided hints and tips.  For example, students are provided cut-outs of right triangles and graph paper before they have learned the Pythagorean Theorem. They work in groups of three using their prior knowledge of how to find the area of a rectangle to help them figure out the formula for solving right triangles (I urge you to try this at home!  It is easy to see that the right triangle is one half of the area of a rectangle, making it easy to see why you multiply the 1/2 times the base times the height, because the base and the height of the right triangle are simply the length and width of the rectangle).

After the students have come up with a solution to the problem, we will have a discussion about the problem and how they solved it and look at other problems to see if the “solution” they discovered will work for other problems.   I have students take notes about their problem solution and maintain a mathematical notes folder that contains words, images, and symbols to help them remember their solution.  Then, I will have the student solve more problems of this type, in order to gain the procedural fluency  that they need to solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently.

The manipulatives we use will include cut-outs, graph paper, and vitual manipulatives that they will have access to whenever they would like to use them.   Note: In addition to the cut-out manipulatives, the virtual manipulatives I now use are online.  I am in the process of finding the iOS and Android virtual mathematics manipulatives that can be downloaded, so a student can utilize them even when they do not have Internet access.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for an online reading or writing remediation, SAT preparation, Pre-Algebra, or ESL lesson, please see this link for information:

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Why Paying a Tutor a Set Amount of Money in Order to Prepare Your Child for the SAT Examination is a Bad Idea:

Please read the information from the link below:

As you can see, the gains in scores achieved with traditional SAT preparation are very low.  The SAT is a test of readiness for college.  It demonstrates the reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and math skills accrued from all of their elementary and secondary education.  That is the best preparation for the SAT! 

If your child is not doing well in school and is not a fluent reader with on grade level texts, the time to do something is when the difficulties arise.  One of the biggest difficulties with the vocabulary and reading portions of the exam are for children who did not read widely and daily as they grew up.  These children (a shocking number), are usually not fluent readers.  They will struggle on the SAT exam and usually drop out of college, due to the incredible reading load demanded by college course work. 

Fluency issues (and other reading difficulties) can be remediated.  A student needs to be tested and work with repeated reading for fluency  paired with comprehension work (in tandem!) as well as reading lower level and higher interest novels.  This type of concentrated work produces significant gains in reading level over a few months.  The student progresses to higher levels of fluency in the course of a few  months time.  This will not remediate the loss of vocabulary from not reading widely all of those years in school.  That also takes concentrated work with on level informational passages and learning to use word parts to determine the meanings of unknown words.  This needs to be done in tandem with the fluency work - about once a week. 

You can tell if your child is not a fluent reader by having them read their social studies text or an SAT reading practice passage online to you aloud.  Do they sound labored, like a rusty gate, with a lot of hesitation?  Imagine when they have hours of reading at home preparing for college level courses.  They will not be able to succeed.  If this is the case for your child, now is the time to act, not later. 

For more information:

To set an appointment:
$30 per 55 minute appointment for Google Places and Google Plus shoppers

I have quite a few years of experience and extensive training in reading and writing intervention, so I have expanded my English lesson offerings to include lessons for native English elementary and secondary students who are struggling with reading and writing. 

The reading intervention lessons are fun and engaging and involve fluency work with repeated reading of plays combined with comprehension work. Two or three lessons a week for a few months combined with reading interesting lower level/higher interest books on one's own (I have annotated lists of higher interest/lower level books that students like to read) can dramatically improve reading grade level equivalent score. For students with learning disabilities, I utilize research-based interventions within the lessons to help the student overcome  reading difficulties.

The writing intervention lessons will be dependent upon the needs of the student.   Potential lessons may involve working with a student via Skype as we both look at a report or paper they have written and help them with common editing errors.  The focus of such an appointment is not to fix the mistakes for them, but to teach them, via mini lessons about common errors and how to edit their own papers.  Other lessons offered will provide instruction on typical writing genre, such as essays and reports.  Each mini lesson will help the student learn how to produce a different part of the written genre and allow the  student to learn how to successfully move through all of the stages of the writing process, including brainstorming strategies with graphic organizers, drafting,  revising, and editing.  The goal of all of these lessons are to develop confidence in being able to move from a blank piece of paper to a fully edited work.

I am also offering SAT Reading and Writing preparation lessons as well. Please contact me via Skype message (Skype name: LaurieFlood) or set an appointment here:

More information on these lessons can be found here:
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