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Heather de Bruin
Editor of Femme Lifestyle a blog on Beauty , Lifestyle & Women
Editor of Femme Lifestyle a blog on Beauty , Lifestyle & Women

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Inner Secrets Lingerie, now available online
As a woman nothing makes me feel more like the confident woman I know I should be (but often deny) than luxurious and pretty underwear. Whilst I may not have the frame of a runway model ... who the hell cares if it makes me happy that is what counts! Inner ...

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Review - The Daily Coffee Cafe Big Bay
Winter days are meant to be filled with slow meanderings, and warm comfort food. As you all know, nothing makes my little foodie heart happier than trying out a new eatery and just sitting down for a chat. On one of my recent shopping trips I realized that ...

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Autoimmune illness and fighting to stay healthy
As I sit here today I once again have a throat full of razor blades and sinuses which feel like the Suez canal. Now I know we all get sick from time to time and that with winter it is to be expected, but this is the third time in as many months dammit! One ...

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Winter brings out the inner bookworm ... Great reads for Winter 2017
I love love love winter, and when it's spent under a cuddly duvet with a book in hand ... well, that's just heaven! For me anyway! I really have struggled to get my mojo back with reading, having chosen sleep over the last while, rather than read with my  f...

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The safari life with Aquila Private Safari and Spa
Now if you had told me a month ago that I would get the opportunity to go on a Safari , I would have laughed at you. If you had told me it would only be a two-hour drive out of Cape Town and that I would see the big 5 ... I would have just walked away shaki...

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Your nose, lips and winter ... what do they have in common? Letibalm of course!
This winter is proving to be cold, wet and dry ... nothing like our normal Cape Town winters. We are facing the worst drought of the century and to be honest, it is starting to become pretty scary! However along with the cold, dry weather comes dry skin and...

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Learning to take control of your emotions ...
Every day we face challenges of some sort, whether it be a traffic jam, a family crisis or in my case lost photo files. These moments truly are defining moments and we can choose to either conquer them or alternatively allow them to crush us! Upon reflectio...

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Because they're the cats whiskers ... give them "More purr-lease!" with Hills
So you all know by know that my soft spot on this crazy planet happens to be cats. Nothing can rival the unconditional kitty cuddles I get every day ... nor can reason explain the undeniable swelling of my heart, one may even say bursting with love for thes...

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The Winter wardrobe dreams are made of ... let's do some window shopping!
Every now and then I just stop sit and do a little window shopping. I know that the majority of us live our lives to a budget and the occasional splurge does come along ... but let's face it ... not often! How amazing is it then that with our modern day lif...

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Nothing makes me smile more than watching those National Geographic shows where you see those brave little birds(or stupid depending on your perspective), munching away at those bits and pieces in either a hippo or crocodiles mouth. But let's face it we are...
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