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Why Should You Choose Vietnam to Outsource Your Software?

You care about software outsourcing, you have ideas for a Project, and you are looking a person or a company who can handle your Projects. You can check, consider and choose Vietnam because of some reasons:

1. Vietnam is considered as a promise destination for every outsourcing software company in the world.
A lot of big companies in the world chose Vietnam for development of software systems. And Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Vietnam is in top 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Cities in 2008.

That is not to be wondered at that Vietnam is an Asia Tier 1 emerging-market location (Gartner’s Leading Global Locations for Offshore Services, 2014).

All results are better than some years ago, refer to some researches here, which makes a favorable comparison with that of other countries that are popular destinations for outsourcing work.

Gartner Identifies Vietnam in Top 30 Countries for Offshore Services in 2010-2011
Vietnam software outsourcing is in the Top Ten of A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index 2011 & 2009;
Vietnam software outsourcing belongs top 5 of Leading Offshore Services Locations alongside India, China, the Philippines and Malaysia in Asia/Pacific, 2015: Smaller Countries Gain Traction
Moreover, a research by World Economic Forum in 2015 arrange belong top 10 countries of 128 countries with most engineering graduates.
2. Price
In fact, the most important reason for outsourcing a project is that you want to save money and cut cost, so you would like to find a country with cost effective and especially you want to find someone who respects you more than your money. That’s reason why you should choose Vietnam.

It is no surprise, therefore, the price for develop a project in Vietnam will be less than other countries in Europe and North America. Because in Vietnam, labor costs are 90% less than those in Europe and North America, which means significant cost savings for your budget . Even compared to other outsourcing destinations, Vietnam's labor costs are attractive.

3. Labor Force
According to Richard Middleton, Cushman & Wakefield's head of occupier services for APAC and EMEA commented: "While not the cheapest outsourcing destination, Vietnam is still very competitive when compared to other global locations and wage rises in India and China largely contributed to it surging up the ranking to take first place in 2015”.

Today, Vietnam has 96% literacy rate and 80% of the country's college graduates hold degrees in the sciences (Vietnam Economic Times).

The labor force also has much lower turnover and much higher stability than do those of most other countries that are active in outsourcing. Therefore, Vietnam is one of the most attractive aspects of the country’s investment environment.

With more than 100,000 software developers and 75,000 digital content specialists currently in the IT workforce, Vietnam software outsourcing provides a deep talent pool for international tech companies. And with over 40,000 new graduates from IT-related programs each year, the IT workforce is growing rapidly.

4. Ethnic/Religious Stability
Vietnam outsourcing was ranked as the safest among the 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong (Berth of a Nation in Time, autumn 2002)

You can see that there are no ethnic/religious conflicts in Vietnam. Thus, Vietnam is one of the most secure and stable business environments for investment in the world. Likewise, in 2011, AT Kearney’s Global Services Location Index rated Vietnam as having the #1 most financially attractive workforce in the world.

5. Political Stability
The truth is that there have been no conflicts with neighboring countries of Vietnam. Especially, Vietnam became 150th member of World Trade Organization (WTO) in January, 2007.That event was an important landmark to have more opening and welcoming business environment for foreign investment.

It will be better if you find a country with ethnic/religious, and political stability like Vietnam. Because if you choose a country with significant instability and conflict, your projects may proceed slowly and sometimes it cannot finish on time with high quality. In case, you want to travel to discuss more with a company or see how process of your Project, Socio-Economic Stability will become a big problem for you to consider. However, you do not need to consider if you choose Vietnam for software outsourcing, absolutely!

6. Languages
To decide working with a company or not, you always care about their abilities in English. Vietnamese is aware of that problem well. Unlike many Asian languages, Vietnamese uses the Latin alphabet, just as English does, which makes it relatively easy for Vietnamese speakers to learn English. English is the second most popular language in the country, and the majority of Vietnams' college graduates have high proficiency in English. Consequently, most IT workers in Vietnam are able to communicate easily with U.S. companies in English for daily conservation and weekly report.

Vietnam still has to improve and overcome many challenges , but all above results are seen as positive signals for national economy development. Have you ever wonder that your decision will always be the important key for your success. You should seriously consider before starting outsource your Projects. Everywhere you can find onsite or outside, there are extraordinary places of the good services. Why don’t you choose Vietnam?

I would like to share my straightforward about Vietnam outsourcing software development. If you're interested in Vietnam software outsourcing development, and you have any similar or even opposite ideas, please give comments below.

Thanks for your reading.
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How Do You Satisfy Your Strict Clients?

“The customer does not care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.”

If you do business, you must know the quote: “Customer is King”. Providing a good customer service is the most important step which decides customer will come back to you or not. Sometimes you have chance to work with a very sympathize ones but sometimes they will be the tough one. However, you must learn the way how to use your way to satisfy their strict requirement not show off who you are. The more skillful you use in solving problem with clients, the more professional they can see about your business.

Strict client is not unreasonable person who think they are the first, the difficult requirements of them came from their experiences. In reality, client has their right to be treated specially, respectably. It should be better to showing that’s not just how much we want to earn from clients, that’s how far we want our relationship would be.

In the end, I draw from my experiences and tips that I learn from many sources which I applied successfully for my difficult clients in 3 points:

1. Be Patient
This little secret has helped me through many a difficult conversation with everyone from clients to friends. The trick is to keep your feeling mentally to the end of statements better than say something offend you.

Let your customers express how they feel. At the very beginning, giving your customers time and space to “vent” all they need to help move forward towards resolution or at the very least results. After they have finished expressing their feelings, apologize for their unhappiness towards your business – even if you do not feel they have been let down in anyway. It’s simply showing you support them in their role as a customer. Having a caring attitude towards their feelings certainly helps, as well.

2. Put yourself in the Client’s shoes
Even if their viewpoint is not your viewpoint, shows how you respect their opinion by give them response. In some situations, depend on the case, you may even agree entirely with their perspective – in which case you should acknowledge your understanding of their view and offer a resolution to ease their frustration. When it comes to easing a vendor issue, you can explain your lack of immediate control but your willingness to help them navigate the problem. By offering an explanation and offering a willingness to help, customers are more likely to embrace your support instead of shinning your business.

3. Solving the problem immediately
If you can provide an immediate response to the problem, do it. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again. There are many answers for all difficult customer situations, having the flexibility to quickly respond to difficult customers should be considered. For example- Retailers in particular know how hard this can be, as having an audience within a store is never ideal when dealing with customers who are acting upset or rude. The main goal is to leave your disgruntled customer feeling satisfied that they have experienced valued customer service. One of the main reasons for this is that any customer who becomes upset and loud about it in your business is likely the same type of person to talk about this experience with friends, family and other potential customers.

There will always be sellers and buyers, Controversy will always happen but firm will develop more and client is the one who help the firm growth sustainably.

*The Article uses some references from and some more customer relationship articles.
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