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[DAL] For bid, please comment with your offer (no. of energy)
Starting bid: 100
Bid increment: 10
End at the posted time + 24hrs
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i still dont know how to give item or gold to other players... +1
+gisxing G: in your inventory item, you can just do click and drag the item you want to give over the person picture you want to sent the item. you can't gift gold, but to gave gold to others, just use them on your party, and survive until the end of battle. the person who you pick on that nodes will get 20 gold each.
get to try this later . but gold seem could be collected by others in my castale , also dont know how . ..for i had collected others' be4 . =)
haha, well I really wanted it too :)
But 200 was my limit. Congrats.
I think I can safely said, the helmet is mine now...
level 39 mages that skill is storm, lightning, mana drain, grease and arcane bolt, I assume? the name is Kelvin Leung "Kitsiu" right?
just to make sure,
and now I wish that I can sent stacked items not a full stack...
sent you back the helmet and 6EN
enjoy :)
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