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Sara France
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Sara France

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Frederick Van Johnson is hanging out with 2 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairSara France and Dave Dugdale
TWiP 257 - Stealing Pixels
Frederick Van Johnson and 2 others participated
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السلام عليكم
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Sara France

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This was a great episode and I loved that you could get a behind the scenes look via Google+
TWiP 250 is available in the podcast feed - "Facebook Hearts Instagram" w/ +Sara France +Joseph Linaschke +Dan Ablan & +Frederick Van Johnson. Plus a special interview with +pixoto co-founder +Jason Kiefer.
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Sara France

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How bad do you want it?
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ce n'est pas naturel tout cela
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Sara France

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Sara France

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I love this. So many great quotes from Steve that I know will live on forever.
Eric Doggett originally shared:
“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” -Steve Jobs
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Sara France

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I am live on a G+ hangout with +Guy Kawasaki +Derrick Story +Aaron Hockley +Rod Harlan and Frank Doorhof
Google+ Photographer's Conference is hanging out with 6 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairSara France, Frank Doorhof, Rod Harlan, Derrick Story, Aaron Hockley, and Loren Groves
Build Your Brand on G+
Google+ Photographer's Conference and 6 others participated
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حالت اطقس
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Sara France

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Chase is bringing us another amazing speaker!!!
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Very nice
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Sara France

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Congrats Invisible Children for working so hard to bring this issue to light! Incredible news.
Jeremy Cowart originally shared:
HUGE NEWS. Go Obama!
President Barack Obama is sending about 100 U.S. troops to Africa to help hunt down the leaders of the notoriously violent Lord's Resistance Army.
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Sara France

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Wedding Photographer most of the time. Commercial and Portrait Photographer some of the time. Bag designer and company owner of GO|BEE bags. Podcast host or guest host Pictage Podcast and TWIP. Educator of all things Photography and business. Mom to a handsome hairy dog named "Bodie"
  • Sara France Photography
    Photographer, 2001 - present
Basic Information

First, thank you for coming to my google+ page and showing an interest in me and my photography.  I am so excited to share my images and my life with you.  I hope that you are blessed by it in some way.  
I have discovered that people often assume I speak french because of my last name but unfortunately I do not.  However, you should know that I am french and my grandmother grew up in France.  When she moved to the US to start her new life she quickly adjusted to the new language and felt it was important to adapt and learn the new language.  So, yes I am French and no I do not speak the language.
My Passion

My passion is for photographing people.  I am a true people person and the days I love the most are the days I get to go out with my camera and capture the true beauty of people, and their relationships with others.  I am so blessed to be a part of couples wedding days.  I love what I do and I am absolutely living my dream.  

A Few Things I Love:

I LOVE to travel

I love the color red, in case you did not notice that already.  

I love my dog, "Bodie" a 120lb Irish Wolfhound

I love sushi

I love a good pair of jeans

I love good weather (which is why I live in San Diego)

I love romantic comedies. I am a total sap!

I love being around positive people

I love to dance, and sing and sometimes at the same time

I love all things Apple

I love my life!!!!!
Bragging rights
I was in Italy when they won the world cup. My images are currently sample images on all iPads in Apple stores. My images always shipped as sample images in Aperture 2. I am a certified scuba diver. I learned to Salsa dance a couple years ago and I love it! I have been featured as the cover story of Studio Photography. I have been able to teach and speak at some incredible conferences including WPPI, Pictage Partner Conference, The Special Event and more.
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San Diego, CA
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Guy Kawasaki Comes To Chase Jarvis LIVE -- Wed March 21 | Chase Jarvis Blog

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