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Sir, as we all knows that Fleksy is dead. But i loves its user interface very much. That's why i am still using it. Is there any keyboard app available in Play Store today which has the same interface as Fleksy has. If yes then please suggests me the name of that keyboard app.....!
Thank You...

Hello Everyone...!!!
How are you.....!
Today my Hinglish Language pack is automatically activated (via Bilingual Pack), what
does this means, will fleksy be alive again.....?
Please reply me.....!

Hello Everyone...!!!
How are you....
Is there any way to press enter key, when spacebar is not active or hide......? 

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Hello everyone...!
I am a huge fan of Fleksy Keyboard. I am using an android device, on which i am using Fleksy as a default keyboard. But sir i am unable to connect it with my Google account, in order to sync my dictionary. Can you please tell me from where i can integrate it with my Google account and from where "cloud personalization" and "my fleksy" works...?
Please reply me as soon as possible....?

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