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Fun head-scratcher as everyone is wrapping up before the break... What changes (if any) occur in the way GA tracks & records data when you change the protocol in Property Settings to HTTPS after a migration?

Can't find any info on the timeline for payment processing of referrals. I got the note from the program to submit all my payment and tax info, and got a note back it was approved. How long after that should the payments be received? Are they done on a set timeline like end of month, or a typical number of days after being approved/completing a sale?

Any info or a link to the payment terms would be appreciated!



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HAving a great time with this fun SEO quiz - up to 34 :)
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Boy, this'd be an interesting gig for an SEM specialist!
A law firm in NY is looking for an expert witness to testify on adwords (related to how it works, etc.) - The court date is set for Dec 4. Email me if interested - lkim at wordstream com
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Hey SEO folks - interested in joining in on #seochat  on Twitter this morning? We're gonna talk about the skillset that's going to be needed by next-generation SEO pros. In the process, I'm sure we'll be talking about how SEO, inbound marketing and all the other buzzwords are actually going to fit together in the online marketing world.

We get rolling at 11am MT (1 pm ET) Bring your ideas and opinions!

And yea, this is a bit of a cross-channel announcement, but we're SEO's - we're good like that :)

P.S. If you haven't  tried it, is great for following along on Twitter chats.
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Cool image showing the tasks and tools of each member of an F1 pit crew. Hey +Aaron Nissen and +William Bakker - thought you would get a kick out this, if you haven't seen it yet.
Meet the pit stop crew!
A while ago Tomáš Černý (a F1 fan) suggested to us on Google+ to introduce the pit stop crew to fans. This chart explains who does what during a pit stop. We hope you like it!

May we suggest to
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Some facts & figures about pit stops:

Anything between 2 and 3 seconds is considered a good pit stop.

Since January 2013, our pit stop crew has performed more than 500 training pit stops.

The crew practices pit stops for 45 minutes every Thursday prior to a race.

Another 20-30 minutes of pit stop practice follows on Friday.

On Sunday morning, some 4-6 ‘warm-up’ pit stops are performed.

For pit stop practice at the track, the car is pushed by 3 people to simulate the approach.

A side jack is used if the nose has to be changed. The front wheels are then changed by one person per wheel and the other 4 help with the nose change.

Can you figure out why this particular pit stop wasn’t an ideal one?
Already found a place for Sauber F1 Team in your circles? Highly appreciated!
Have a great weekend,
+Sauber F1 Team

Oh, and just in case you missed this very special pit stop, watch it now:

#F1 #SauberF1Team #PitStop #Infographic
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Why using data averages to make decisions is usually a Very. Bad. Idea. Nice simple graphic for something I often find myself trying to explain to clients.
Why do Averages suck?

This picture is from an excellent article by +Thomas Baekdal. "Making Sense of Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis" You should read it and also sign up for Baekdal Plus - best $9 you can spend each month!

This graph illustrates vividly why making decisions on averages can often, in the best case, hide insights from you or, in the worst case, a severely career limiting move.

Regardless of if the context is social sentiment or ecommerce or train schedule or salary comparisons (between me and +Larry Page) or ..... you want to know much more urgently if you are in the second bar.

If you want to learn more about why Averages, Percentages, Ratios and Compound Metrics are stinky poo, see my post:
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Hey +Namecheap - when your primary service has been kacked for over 24hrs, putting "thanks for your patience & understanding" on every status update (that indicates the problem still isn't solved) doesn't come across as polite, it's infuriating.

Seriously, it's a total customer service fail because you clearly aren't understanding that a significant portion of your customers are furious about having their website unreachable for more than a full day. Start apologising instead of pretending it's no big deal. Oh, and explain how much longer we're likely to have to wait for a full fix.

This is transparency 101, folks.
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"The trouble with photographing beautiful women is that you never get into the dark room until after they've gone."

~ ~ Classic quote from famed Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh
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Absolutely love how this brings together my affinity for both art and jazz.
Art break! Especially for my musician friends. "Jazz" by Debra Hurd.
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