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1949 Cadillac with LS9. Posted on October 3, 2011 by Swap1. This 1949 Cadillac with a CTS-V sourced LS9 motor was spotted recently racing in an autocross event. The Cadillac is running on an Art Morri...
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kinda old, but still interesting
We don't care much for drifting, but if we did this is the car we would use. This 1970 Volkswagen Squareback has been slightly warmed over with a fully custom chassis utilizing Corvette drivetrain and...
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it does look decently solid, but I'd need to test it in an open parking lot to be sure.
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adding folks from oppo when I recognize them
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woot off today
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Aussie Football. I watched this game on ESPN3.
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so awesome
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Volvo Limousines. Even Landaulets and Wagon Limos.
Everyone knows that the Göthenburg limousine was the preferred choice of the former East German Security Service 'Stasi'. What the East German bosses did with these likeable Swedish limousines...
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I want a Donkervoort
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So the oppo crowd can find me easier
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I actually own a few 78's, my dad also had one. Currently mine are in storage until i can afford to fix them up, but when i was driving them everything worked but the clock. The clock went out fairly early in my dad's as well. Mine don't have a tach, although that was available. I have the aluminum/silver gauges.
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seeing if animated gifs work +Travis Lloyd +David Ardoin +William Jones
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But they'll work on reddit and 4chan! O:-)
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