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The bloody explosion of liquid death on my visor... 
This is the sort of motorbike your insurance company talks about in the small print you don't read. This is the type of risk your mother warned you about. You know that cliff all your friends were jumping off? Welcome to the precipice.

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I love the way this infographic came out. Valerie Mattocks did a great job. It's cool info too (even if I do say so myself) 

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Me, diving into the politics of the election as it relates to the automotive industry...
Which federal party is going to help the Canadian automotive industry the most?

#election2016   #TPP  

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My review of the brutal +Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.  R1. 
Everything about this bike has been honed and refined past the point of insanity; at its core, the R1 is now a generation above the offerings of Honda and Suzuki and perhaps even BMW.

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It's a sharp little bike this +Honda ! 
The CBR600RR is more than a contender. It’s one of the stars of the sport, a headline act that draws even mainstream fans to its ringside seats.

In the world of middleweights, this is a heavy hitter.

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My ride of the +Suzuki GSX-R1000 - now up on !
2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Test Ride

The bus on my left lurches toward me suddenly, tilting over in my direction. Not sure why, and with traffic ahead blocking that path I brake. Hard. As I fall in behind the big yellow rig the tail end of it dips violently.

Now I see the problem: 20-odd school children are rushing from one side of the bus to the other and pinning themselves against the glass to stare at the bright blue motorbike underneath me! They’re pointing and waving, and at least one of them is doing the universal signal for “Hey Mister! Do a wheelie!” – I don’t of course.

An icon in the sportsbike world, the 2015 Suzuki GSX-R1000 has a new trick to attract attention: vivid blue paint and vibrant fluoro graphics – including lime-green wheel stripes – which throwback to the time when fluoro graphics and colours were the fashion on sport bikes.



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There is nothing I didn't like about this bike. Nothing. 
2015 BMW S1000RR Test Ride

The S1000RR boggles the mind. You constantly have to force yourself to believe in its ability, and when you do you are rewarded.

#bmw   #bmwmotorcycles   #bmwbikes  

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This bike has one of the best engines I've ever ridden - so smooth and powerful. 
Many bikes claim to be great all-rounders, the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 lives up to that promise

The first thing you notice taking off on the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 is the power – it’s surprising. This is the same engine as the FZ-09 after all, allegedly down-tuned a tad for this application. Down-tuned isn’t really the right word though. Sure, it’s a bit softer than the more sport-focused FZ, but the FJ is still capable of dispatching an inattentive pillion passenger.

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This is what a REAL muscle bike is.... #harleysarenotmusclebikes  
Style comes in many shapes and sizes. Unless you’re BMW Motorrad. Then style comes in the following shapes and sizes: Wild and big.

The R1200R has all of that. Equal helpings of “style”, “wild” and “big” unite to form a bike that looks at once playful and menacing, and feel the same.

Our tester sported the optional Style 1 package that, at $540, included a belly pan (or “engine spoiler” according to BMW) and the stunning red trellis frame as well as anodised brake calipers. Sadly an optional luggage holder hanging off the back upset the visual impact of the bike somewhat – which I cared about for all of half a second. About as long as it took for me to fire the thing up.

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So, so cool. 
Meet Bobby

Bobby is an Audi RS7. With a brain. His brain is made from metal and circuits and wires, and he has camera eyes and GPS ears, and he can learn a track in two laps, and drive it faster than you or me could without years of training and laps and laps to learn the track.

Read more at:

#audi   #audirs7  
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