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Pro-ⓖ◎◎ⓖⓛⓔ and anti-Google haters
Pro-ⓖ◎◎ⓖⓛⓔ and anti-Google haters
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Android Auto (AA) head units cost a bomb! $700! Are you frickin kidding me? It's not using any specialised hardware (compared to other head units). Yes the software is a specialised one but what it really does is mirror your phone to your in-car entertainment (ICE) system. Definitely not more sophisticated than any android phones out there. So the million dollar question is why the hell does AA head unit cost so much more than an android phone? $700 gets me 2 android phones (one flagship, one mid end). What the hell?

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. One model was announced at CES this year and will cost $400. The cheapest to date. I might buy it later this year if the price is right. It will probably cost a bomb too at first (to screw with early adopters) but after a few months the price will stabilise. I'm putting this into my KIV wishlist of this year.

P/S: The head unit will not function at all if there is no phone connected to it! Hahaha

P/S #2: I was (once upon a time ago) interested with Android Wear but since the price is so frickin expensive I removed it from my wishlist. Then I bought a dumb watch at half the price. Hahaha

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Finally! Got myself my first nexus phone.

I skipped the nexus 6 after reading too many negative reviews about it.

P/S: had 2 pseudo nexus phones before owning the 6P. Moto G 2013 and OnePlus One. 

Ok, I can now invite people to use Inbox (by Gmail). Send me a hangout message with your email and I'll send an invite.

P/S: I'm not really sure how many invite I can give though.

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I will be joining Tour Istanbul this 14th November. How nice of +Turkish Airlines to offer this tour for free. It's really awesome because we can spend time visiting places rather than waste it in the airport. This is epic tourism strategy. Definitely. Two thumbs up. 

Just FYI, I will be going on a trip to European countries and I will fly with Turkish Airlines. I purposely chose the itinerary that allows me to join that tour. =D

P/S: you have to scroll to the end of the page and look for Tour Istanbul bubble (or something that you can click.)

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How to not be a industry reference and leader

Today I played a little bit with the Note 4, and was really disgusted by it's software.

Every app has a different look & feel and different design styles. It's so unorganized and inconsistent. None of them follow any Google design guidelines, and look like they were made by amateurs. 

This really worries me, because Samsung is the main Android OEM. The average person who wants to start with Android, will probably buy a Samsung device. That's why lots of people that I know say that "iOS looks a lot better than Android",  "Android is slower", "Android isn't polished", and "Android is more confusing!". Sure, with all this crap ware that Samsung introduces, it's totally damaging Android's image.

I will probably never buy a device with this kind of software in it. I really hope that Google introduces some strict policies for OEMs to respect  certain aspects of the operating system.

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I hope they both die in this battle, leaving only Google with chromebook. hahaha

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Beautiful, yes but it makes me quite angry.

Yes, I was compensated when the keyboard goes free with 10 free themes, that were very terrible. Fast forward to today, they make two themes that are really gorgeous which follow Gkeyboard's material design theme but with a price tag. This is the default theme in Android lolipop (5.0)!

I'm interested to hear what my friend has to say about this. I know he bought Swiftkey keyboard for tablet but didn't really get any compensation for it after Swiftkey announce tablet support for the previously non- "tablet optimized" keyboard, right +Firdaus Wahid ?
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