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This iCloud stuff can't come fast enough. Can't wait to have my calendar updated across all devices. 
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have you ever used dropbox?
yeah, but this will be automatic. i don't want to export/import my ical calendars every time i want to sync my phone and two computers.
So true. when is it projected to come out
why don't you just use google cal? google owns my soul, might as well give it my schedule.
I would except iCal is much better if you have an iPhone (and Mac)
I owned both and used outlook. What does that say about me?
I use MobileMe and my iCal, contacts, (selected) photo albums, etc., are automatically updated across my laptop (MacBook Pro) and iPhone, and it's all accessible by browser, too. Can also add events via my iPhone's calendar app and it immediately updates my other devices. MobileMe will automatically update to iCloud once it becomes available.
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