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Quitbit, a lighter way to put an end to your smoking
Trying or even planning to quit smoking is
probably the hardest thing to do for smokers of all sorts. Either you’re an
occasional or heavy chain-smoker, putting an end to your smoking habit may seem
to be rather impossible at first. We’ve been handed down w...

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Essential apps for your Sneaker Fever
The Sneaker game favours those who are
always ready and prepared. As we all now, dope kicks are released almost every
day. A lot of people who are immersed in the sneaker culture invest massive
amount of time, dedication and not to mention their sweat and t...

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A Luxury Statement Piece for a Smartphone
Who says a smartphone can’t be both a
luxury statement piece and a worthy partner? The latest masterpiece from the
world renowned luxury smartphone manufacturer, Vertu, embodies the existence of
a gadget bestowed with both class and superior functionalities...

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When will the Android Lollipop Pop?
What the rumor mill is churning out these days especially in the world of mobile technology might probably pique everyone’s curiosity. Or, let’s just drop the sense of uncertainty in that statement. Case in point is what the famed Android OS is prepping for...

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Future of Smartwatches
2014 will be the year of smartwatches or
more popularly termed now as “wearables”. Giant brands like Apple, Samsung,
Sony, and LG have been focusing on the creation of the ultimate wearable. Then
comes Android Wear, Google’s latest breakthrough which is bas...

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Apple’s 30-pin Connector Transition to Lightning Connector
 Back in the year 2007, Apple ignited the
smartphone war as they made a wave of touchscreen phones—as we know it, the
iPhone. And who couldn’t forget the connector introduced with the 3 rd generation iPod way back in 2003 and is associated with the earlier ...

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Is Apple iPhone 6 worth the wait?
Choosing the right smartphone is
not as easy as choosing an outfit of the day. It requires a lot of
consideration and compromise because nowadays, smartphones are not just mobile
devices, they are personal assistants, they are best friends, they are even

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Smartphones for Smart Gamers
The tech world has indeed contributed a lot of
wares in quenching people’s boredom. The pioneer mobile phones did not only start
offering people convenience in making people communicate with each other no
matter how far they are. Truth is, they also started...

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A Thorough Look on What Makes the HTC One M8 the Better Smartphone
The year 2014 brings forth the biggest and most explosive revelations
in the smartphone industry. Every smartphone company has its big guns within
its arsenal for its upcoming reveal. Flagship devices come and go, but those
step-by-step innovations are what...

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Find the Best Smartphone for You as of 2014| April Edition
As we hit the year 2014, innovation of
smartphones came popping out like mushrooms. With the advancement of technology
at a neck-breaking speed, do you think you can still keep up? The big boys of the mobile industry always
make sure they bring something ne...
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