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Leasa Marie Frederick

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recommends that you don't get my personality and my attitude twisted or mixed up... because my personality is me, and my attitude depends on you.
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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you are a personal hero for me Charley.
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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love it
Amazing Guys Plays Wine Glasses

I don't know how this works....but it's awesome. Seriously. Watch it.
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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Warning: This is somewhat morbid

At 1904 pages, this is likely the longest suicide note in history.

A young man comes to the conclusion that the illusion of meaning is created by self-perpetuating biases introduced over time by evolution and realizes that he wants to have no part in it. Adopting this strong nihilistic stance (that he develops in his suicide note in great length), he eventually acts on it. He calls it "rational self-destruction"

A rational position?

What conclusions do you take away from this?

Is philosophy dangerous?

Having read some of it, I can attest to the fact that this is truly a remarkable document. As to the question whether it should be read or shared - the author explicitly expresses his hopes that his arguments will be a given a fair hearing and that his work will be judged on his merits whereas he fully expects it to be repressed (given his understanding of the world).

h/t to Dario Maestripieri from the University of Chicago who wrote this piece about the story
and to +Scott Barry Kaufman who brought it to my attention.
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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Read my profile in blue
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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Leasa Marie Frederick

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One lazer pointer and six and a half cats chasing the evil dot controlled by my hand - I LOVE THE POWER
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kitten = 1/2 of a cat
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Leasa Marie Frederick

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Love it -
Best language ever spoken. I had to agree.
Quote: "...even adjust your race" Heh!

Thanks for sharing this +Waseem Rajah :D
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Life is a glitch in the universal program, do no harm but take no $hit.
How many females were born in North Bay Ontario Canada on November 12th, 1975, and had parents that were Elvis fans (enough so to name their first born daughter after his daughter) but with such a unique twist on spelling I never found any pre-made novelty items to date with my name on them.

Element name: FEMALE
Symbol: F
Atomic weight: don't even dare to ask!

Physical properties:
  • boils at anything
  • can freeze anytime
  • melts if handled with love and care
  • very bitter if mishandled
Chemical properties:
  • very reactive
  • highly unstable
  • possesses high affinity for gold
  • volatile when left alone
I've a few passions in life and a few things I totally have no appreciation for. These short lists should narrow the possibilities down that you have the correct individual.

  • Animals and their rights for humane treatment, I do not support the use of testing any product on them. We have so many social deviants in the criminal system - let their lives not be a total waste.. 
  • I currently have seven cats (but consider myself still a dog person, and have a serious interest in Sugar Gliders)
    • Little Miss AKA PRINCESS
    • Lacey      AKA TUBBY
    • Pickles    AKA FUZZ-BUTT
    • Ratio       AKA MONKEY 
    • Chloe      AKA ANGEL
    • Janie       AKA BRAT
    • Kaycee   AKA KING OF CHAOS
  • Swimming (pools are preferred - the Jaws movies crippled me emotionally for life - However didn't think about it when I was on vacation in Cuba) Hot tubs are good too!
  • Cures for the conditions in life that I can not control and assist in making me the bitter bitch that I can be so easily most days

  • Drivers who are: drunk, drugged up, or do not use snow tires in a Canadian winter
  • Food like substances such as: mushrooms and that WTF beverage that food kiosks in First Markham Mall try to give to you with your food purchases
  • Personal traits such as: bulling, dishonesty (total or with-holding of information), jumping on top of a conversation, ignorance with un-willingness to be educated, and cancelling  engagements that take the joy out of my life.
  • Junk Mail (e-mail, or snail mail) and anyone that has, is, or will try to sell something to me

Bragging rights
I've survived in this program called Earth for the last 36+ years, and too date have made it through with a portion of my sanity, only three auto-immune diseases, a diversified work experience due to health reasons, and can be both the best and the worst of all traits Scorpio, in the year of the Rabbit. There are three different versions of me that I currently am aware of, the person you think I am, the person I think I am, and the person I really am. You can say anything about me or to me as you please, but I am what I am and that is something you can never be (apologies in advance if my posts or replies offend you and what you are as I could never be you). I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine - if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful; If not, it can't be helped at this present time..
  • Powassan Junior Public
    Grades 1 through 4, 1981 - 1985
  • South Himsworth Public
    Grades 5 & 6, 1985 - 1987
  • Mapleridge Secondary
    Grades 7 & 8, 1987 - 1989
  • St. Joseph's Scollard Hall
    Ontario Secondary School Diploma and several "grade 13 credits", 1989 - 1994
  • DeVry - Scarborough
    Electronic Engineering Technician, 1994 - 1996
  • R.C.C. (Radio College of Canada)
    Electronic Engineering Technologist, 1996 - 1998
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Leasa Marie Foisy
Product File Integration Specialist AKA I'm a little OCD with achieving perfection in the engineering specification documents supporting a product, and the MRP/ERP Product and Supplier Master Tables for the business. Currently on disability leave because my MS is causing me major BS in my life right now.
  • "If I only had a Brain..."
    currently on sick leave due to a MS attack., 2011 - present
  • Noble - A RONA Company
    Product File Integration Specialist, 2011 - 2011
  • VitalAire Canada Inc.
    Product File Administrator, 2006 - 2011
  • Artaflex Inc. (previously Valtrie Marketing)
    Quality and Documentation Specialist, 2002 - 2006
  • Mist Inc. - N.B.S. Inc (National Banking Systems)
    Production Coordinator, 2001 - 2002
  • Baranti Group Inc.
    New Product Introduction Specialist, 1999 - 2001
  • D.S.C. (Digital Security Control)
    Electronic Engineering Technician, 1997 - 1999
  • Self Employeed
    Desktop Publishing, 1994 - 2010
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Powassan Ontario - North Bay Ontario - Scarborough Ontario - Markham Ontario - Richmond Hill Ontario - Golden Valley Ontario - and a few other places
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