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I'm just a easy going man trying to get thru life peacefully,, love camping & fishing & being outdoors,, I don't get into sports none at all,, I got hands & I like to fix things along with make & build things with them,, I have a very deep voice & very outspoken when need be,, now that's a brief description of me for all y'all out there in the World Wide Web of Internet Destruction of Life as we know it now.
I'm just a easy going man trying to get thru life peacefully,, love camping & fishing & being outdoors,, I don't get into sports none at all,, I got hands & I like to fix things along with make & build things with them,, I have a very deep voice & very outspoken when need be,, now that's a brief description of me for all y'all out there in the World Wide Web of Internet Destruction of Life as we know it now.


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Christians in the USA must rediscover righteous anger.
We need it to effectively stand against evil in our society.
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Hillary’s Multiple Private Emails With Her Muslim Assistant Huma Abedin Are Being Investigated For Muslim Brotherhood Connections

Fox News reported that Hillary Clinton may have had several different private email addresses she used that were all on her private email server. They got this information on the multiple email addresses from a professional hacker that used a tool to comb through public information found in major search engines.

A prominent hacker tells Fox News’ James Rosen that Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for private use.

Aides to the former secretary of state say she only used one private email while in office — That domain name has been traced to a private Internet server in Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua, N.Y. The server was registered in the name of Clinton’s former aide Eric Hothem a week before the Obama administration assumed office.

Rosen’s hacker source employed a tool called “The Harvester” to search a number of data sources to look for references to the domain name The source says it appears Clinton established multiple email addresses, including,,,, and

Other email addresses include,,, and

After ignoring a Freedom of Information Act request submitted in August 2014, government watchdog Judicial Watch has issued a lawsuit against the State Department for all emails between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her top aide Huma Abedin and wife of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi, Nagla Mahmoud, from January 2009 to January 2013. It was discovered earlier this week that both Clinton and Abedin used personal email accounts to conduct government business, potentially violating federal records laws.

The Judicial Watch lawsuit specifically seeks the following:

    A. Any and all records of communication between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Nagla Mahmoud, wife of ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi, from January 21, 2009 to January 31, 2013; and
    B. Any and all records of communication between former State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and Nagla Mahmoud from January 21, 2009 to January 31, 2013.

“Now we know why the State Department didn’t want to respond to our specific request for Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s communications,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “The State Department violated FOIA law rather than admit that it couldn’t and wouldn’t search the secret accounts that the agency has known about for years. This lawsuit shows how the latest Obama administration cover-up isn’t just about domestic politics but has significant foreign policy implications.”

Hillary received memos which included a note on the sources of intelligence referred to as “Sources with access to the highest levels of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.”

Both Hillary and Huma Abedin, her assistant had multiple emails, as it seems. Now we shall see what becomes of the lawsuit. Will it be discovered that Hillary and Huma were neck-deep involved with the Muslim Brotherhood?

But is it only the emails that will reveal such connections? has spent quite some time revealing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabist connections of the Abedin family and it is perhaps the right time for all this to resurface again. We do not need just emails to prove it.

And just to give a glimpse of what we researched, it was Huma’s mother, father and brother who were neck deep as well as Huma with activism for the Wahhabists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Her mother Saleha Abedin is Vice Dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Saudi Arabia, Saleha was also one of the institution’s founders, along with Yaseen Abdullah Kadi—a designated terrorist by the U.S.—and members of the bin Laden family.

In 2010, Huma arranged for the Secretary of State to visit Dar El-Hekma where Clinton spoke alongside both Saleha and another Sisterhood member named Suheir Qureshi, who like so many of her colleagues, holds a Ph.D.

Courtesy of Internet Archives, we were able to learn that Huma Abedin served as an Assistant Editor with IMMA (Institute For Muslim Minority Affairs) from at least December 2, 2002—September 24, 2008. Her name fails to appear on the IMMA website some time before February 14, 2009. Presumably, Abedin left IMMA to accept her current position as Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton.

Our detailed research shows the roots of IMMA which had its roots from the Wahhabists and an Al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef, in which the Abedins were neck deep in involvement on plans to use the Muslim Minority Affairs to bring forth a grand Muslim revolution.

The IMMA Editorial Board currently lists both Huma’s brother and her mother as editors. A screenshot from the Anti-Mullah blog proves that Huma worked and partnered together with her family at IMMA:


This would be within the same time period that her brother Hassan Abedin began serving as a fellow with OCIS working closely with the notorious Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood. This necessarily means that Huma was serving on a board (IMMA) with people who had confirmed ties to al-Qaeda, which leads to another relevant discovery.

From at least December 2, 2002—December 3, 2003, none other than Abdullah Omar Naseef served on the Advisory Editorial Board. This screenshot confirms that:


The relevance of this discovery is further increased by what his revealed by the Anti-Defamation League:

On October 12, 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department designated the Rabita Trust, a charity in Pakistan “for its close ties to senior al Qaida leadership and for providing logistical and financial support to Al Qaida.” The Rabita Trust was founded in 1988 by Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, the former secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL) in the 1980s.

Obviously, this means that more than two years prior to Huma Abedin serving on a board with Naseef—and one month after the 9/11 attacks—Naseef was formally connected to Al-Qaeda by the U.S. Government.

With all this, why would Huma serve on a board with Saleha and coordinate a meeting between her mother and the Secretary of State while Saleha still appears on the main Al-Azhar university website as a member of the High Council for Islamic Matters? As such, she participated in the 12th session regarding the Islamic Conference for The Islamic Uprising as representing the Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (the same group that supports marital rape).

But all this is the tip of the iceberg, the research takes several days just to comprehend. (see here and here).

It is always a fact of life that sooner or later, what you do in life will always haunt you in the end. This includes Hillary and her sidekick Abedin. As it is said in the Middle East, “the snow one day melts, and all the crap under will be revealed.”

While many in the past years accused the valid demand for inquiry (like Michelle Bachmann) whom we are proud to have worked with on this issue, regarding the Muslim Brotherhood connections of Huma Abedin and Hillary as “racism” and “bigotry,” these, like John McCain, who knew no Middle East history, has no foresight and knew very little about the Muslim Brotherhood’s connections to the Abedins, including prominent Abedin family members with the Nazis; Hassan Al-Banna, the grandfather of Tariq Ramadan (whom Huma’s boss Hillary Clinton lifted his ban from the U.S.) collaborated with my grandfather’s associate Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who was also Hitler’s Arab henchmen. Al-Husseini also became the Muslim Brotherhood leader. Neither did they repent for they still take pride in their collaboration with the Islamo-Nazis. Abdul Hakim Abedin was born in 1914 in Egypt and was one of the first regular ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood who married Imam Hassan Al-Banna’s sisiter. Al-Banna was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Abedin was also the secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested (just like Muhammad Morsi) along with his colleagues when the group was disbanded in 1948, and was released from prison when the government canceled the delegation of martial law in 1950. He was also handpicked by the notorious Nazi collaborator Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Palestine to be an adviser to the Arab Higher Committee in Beirut under the chairmanship of al-Husseini and was chosen by the Muslim World League (MWL) in Mecca to be its adviser. Saleha Abedin (Huma’s mother) still serves in the MWL till today. He returned to Egypt in 1975 where he practiced advocacy work for the Brotherhood, led by the third Leader of the Brotherhood Professor Omar al-Tilmisani until he passed away in 1977.

It is the Brotherhood who are still racist, not Michelle Bachmann who defended her country from infiltration. In Arabic, Muhammad Morsi before he was thrown in the slammer says that Egypt needs to “ban western dress” and that people who believe in “the Trinity” do not possess a “full mental faculty.” One can see the writing on the wall; the Islamist supremacy over Christians in Egypt is a repeat of Nazism. But thank God for Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi whom this U.S. Administration, unfortunately, alienated threw these bums in the slammer. Egypt today has more justice when it comes to Islamists than what we see in the State Department. Discover the Networks described an important similarity shared by Hitler’s Nazism and al-Banna’s Muslim Brotherhood:

“Both movements sought world conquest and domination. Both were triumphalist and supremacist: in Nazism the Aryan must rule, while in al-Banna’s Islam, the Muslim religion must hold dominion.”

Sooner or later, the snow will completely melt, and the crap under will all be revealed.

For more detailed evidence in the Huma Abedin and Hilary Clinton connections to the Muslim Brotherhood read our detailed work Proof: Huma has Ties to Muslim Brotherhood – Countless Documents Surface. Read as well, The Abedin Affairs With Al-Saud.

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Oh man! That witch is definitely hiding her emails. She's refusing to let anyone touch her server!

By Ben Kamisar - 03/10/15 08:19 PM EDT
The political storm over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account intensified Tuesday as she revealed that more than 30,000 “personal” messages have been erased from the server in her home.

Holding her first press conference in nearly two years, the likely presidential candidate defended the account, saying it was chosen only for the “convenience” of not having to use two personal devices while serving as secretary of State.


“Looking back, it would’ve been better if I’d simply used a second email account and carried a second phone, but at the time, this didn’t seem like an issue,” she said.
Clinton two weeks ago said she now uses both an iPhone and a Blackberry.

She insisted that she followed all federal rules and regulations, and said every email message related to official business was preserved and turned over to the government.

“I have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the State Department.”

According to a nine-page document provided by Clinton aides, the personal account once contained 62,320 emails that were sent and received between March 2009 and February 2013, when she left President Obama’s Cabinet.

Of those emails, Clinton’s team determined that 30,490 were work-related, in part by searching for the names of top officials and for emails ending in “.gov.” Those records were provided to the State Department two months ago; the other 31,830 were apparently deleted.

“Secretary Clinton chose not to keep her private, personal emails that were not federal records,” the document states.

Clinton defended the process as thorough and fair, and suggested that she has the same right to privacy as everyone else.

“At the end, I chose not to keep my private, personal emails — emails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolences, notes to friends, as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you’d typically find in inboxes.

“I didn’t see any reason to keep them,” she later added.

While Clinton allies hoped the press conference at the United Nations would help her turn the page, it instead seemed to guarantee that the controversy will persist as she prepares to launch an expected run for the White House this spring.

Republicans said Clinton’s remarks raised more questions than answers, and vowed to thoroughly investigate whether she and her aides flouted records laws to shield their emails from public scrutiny.

“There is no way to accept State’s or Secretary Clinton’s certification she has turned over all documents that rightfully belong to the American people,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who is leading a special House investigation into the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

“Secretary Clinton alone created this predicament, but she alone does not get to determine its outcome.”

The criticism extended to possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates.

“Let’s say she is incredibly either uniformed about the realities of technical equipment or it would be fair to say she is memory challenged, maybe truth challenged would even be more fair,” former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) said late Tuesday on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show.

“The notion that she had to have more than one physical device in order to have more than one account to which she could access is on its face ludicrous,” he said.

The email flap is also reverberating on the left, with a trio of liberal groups — Democracy for America, and Ready for Warren — seizing on Clinton’s comments to try to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) into the 2016 race.

“A contested nomination will strengthen the Democratic Party by holding candidates accountable,” said Erica Sagrans, campaign manager for Ready for Warren.

While Senate Democrats had pressured Clinton to speak out about the emails, several told The Hill before the press conference that they think the issue will fade.

“I think when it’s all settled out, the American people realize this is a very anxious Republican Party,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who became the first senator to endorse Clinton for 2016 after angering the family in 2008 with comments about how she wouldn’t want Bill Clinton near her daughter.

“She’s going to take a lot of incoming over the next 18 months. But she’s strong enough and tough enough to handle it,” McCaskill said.

Clinton’s press conference at the United Nations came eight days after The New York Times reported she relied solely on a personal email account as secretary of State, effectively preventing the documents from being released to the public for nearly two years.

Subsequent reports found Clinton was using a personal email domain routed through a server in her Chappaqua, N.Y., home, which she appeared to confirm on Tuesday by saying the system had been guarded by the Secret Service.

“The system we used was set up for President Clinton’s office. And it had numerous safeguards. … There were no security breaches,” she said.

While security experts had warned the personal server might have been vulnerable to foreign spies, Clinton said she took pains to never send classified information through the account.

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email,” she said.

Clinton also said, “the server contains personal communications from my husband and me.”

However, The Wall Street Journal reported that Bill Clinton doesn’t use email, having only sent two emails in his life. Both were sent when he was president.

The unusual, 20-minute press conference at the United Nations offered Clinton a chance to try and shift the spotlight to her work at State. Earlier in the day she made remarks at a conference on women’s rights, and before taking questions from reporters, she took a swipe at Senate Republicans for their open letter to the leaders of Iran.

But it was the email controversy that took center stage as Clinton faced a throng of reporters just a few steps away from a print of Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” an emotionally desolate painting on the tragedies of war.

While Clinton kept a calm demeanor throughout the press conference, she appeared defiant on one point. No outside parties, she declared, will be allowed to examine her personal server or look for the deleted emails.

“I went above and beyond what I was requested to do.”
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MAY 8, 2014 ADMIN
*Notice I am not endorsing nor denying any religion.  I am simply taking a look at the Philosophies of Yeshua, The Buddha, and Lao Tzu

When someone “claims” something, they are accepting it as truth and denoting some type of ownership/acceptance. When someone “cites” something, they are simply showing or presenting the presence of some fact. For example, if I “claim” a tree, then I am saying that the tree is mine and I accept its liabilities, terms, and agreements (if any exists). If I “cite” that a tree exists, I am not claiming ownership over it, but rather acknowledging its existence.

( Remember, you never signed the Constitution. It is a contract that does not bear your signature. You have no obligation to claim its authority, but you can cite it if those whom have made an oath to it try to use their powers against you. First and foremost, you must adhere to your natural rights, that are universal  and inherent. You can cite a corporate policy when complaining to a business, but you do not have to be in contract with that policy to cite it!)

This is relevant in law. If you “claim” any “rights” in the constitution , then by default you are also agreeing with the courts that you are a citizen and that the system itself is legitimate. If you merely “cite”  a law or amendment, you are simply pointing out that the courts, who do claim authority ,  are in violation of their OWN rules. You are not claiming that any man made monopolized government law is legitimate, but rather you are simply citing what it says. For example. If I were an atheist trying to disprove the Bible, I could cite the Bible and show some type of flaw. However, just because I cite something does not mean that I agree with the overall content.

However, if an atheist were to claim his rights came from god, and claimed these rights by reciting a Bible verse, then he would have to take the terms and conditions that apply.

Citing vs Claiming.  When you cite something, you are taking a “hands off” approach without commitment, but when you “claim” or take ownership to something, you are also accepting the liability that comes with that claim.

There is somewhat a “gray” area when it comes to the differences between citing and claiming. If you can use your imagination and critical thinking abilities, then I am sure my readers can see where I am going with this.

Since government services are monopolized, we have no choice but to use them to some degree. So, we must learn to effectively cite things without claiming them as having authority over our dominion.

Just as when Jesus was asked , “Is it lawful for ceasar to collect taxes?”

Jesus responded by asking an onlooker for a coin (since jesus did not even carry such government owned currencies).  He then said, “Whose face lay upon this coin? Caesar? Then give unto Caesar what is owed to caesar and to God what is God’s”

Some interpret this as Jesus endorsing taxation. But many see it in another light. If your allegiance is to Caesar, then sure, you should pay , but if it is not, then give unto whoever your master is. Man cannot serve two masters.  Since bartering and alternative forms of currency are pretty much prohibited in modern times, most people are now forced into using government currencies. However, in Jesus’ time, it was easier to live off the grid and/or trade with non-regulated forms of currency (barter).

Case in point………when Jesus and his disciples were fishing, a Roman guard asked, “Have you paid taxes on these fish?”, Jesus responds, ” If you can find any coin in the mouths of these Fish, then we will gladly pay your tax.”  ( paraphrasing).

In this case, Jesus did not challenge the authority of the guard, but he did not acknowledge its legitimacy either. He remained neutral, in his own personal kingdom within his own sovereign space.  Jesus lived off the grid, never paid a single cent in taxes, never asked for a permit, never joined a military group. In fact, after Jesus’ death, his disciples were imprisoned for refusing to be drafted, for they refused to swear allegiance and kill for government. Jesus himself was offered immunity by Pilot in exchange for swearing allegiance to Rome and becoming a “citizen”.  Yet Jesus reminded Pilot that his allegiance was not to any Earthly kingdom. Jesus cited citizenship as a form of “swearing an oath” (which he commanded that no one should do unless it be to god himself.)

Let us remember that Jesus was offered power over all of the governments of the world by the devil himself in exchange for Jesus swearing allegiance to the devil. Jesus once again refuses to swear allegiance and the devil is defeated. However, this leads me to a conclusion. If the devil has the power to give ownership of governments to Jesus, then that must mean the devil OWNS government.

For someone cannot give away something that is not owned. For it is written, “Man should submit to government when its officials are men of gods kingdom”.  As far as I am concerned, not a single person in government today is a follower of the Kingdom of Heaven. (Irregardless of which version you believe in, Buddhist, Hellenic, Krishna, ect…..).  We all agree that sovereignty exists somewhere outside of this Earthly realm.

This is the secret. To stay neither high nor low. To live in the realm that is not legal, yet it is not unlawful.  To not fight, yet to not yield. In this way, we find our own path in between the light and dark. In this way, we allow ourselves to see a spectrum of colors that are invisible to the naked eye. In this way, we get to exist within a higher plane of existence that is devoid of unilateral control. This is the essence of kingdom of God…… matter what name is given to this universal energy.

Jesus wasnt the only one who promoted such an Anarchist leaning philosophy.  If you dig deep enough, such spiritual leaders, even some of those who came before Jesus spouted similar statements. The Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, ect…..  Most ancient religions, such as the Egyptian religions used such beliefs to convince the people that they were appointed by God (or Gods) to rule over man. However, figures such as the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Jesus offered a seperation from Hinduism and Judaism (which promoted a hierarchic society) and brought forth a message that included universal freedom and sovereignty for all beings without giving such beliefs an “ism”.  The fact is, Christianity and Buddhism were titles that were invented after the fact.  In the Bible, the word “Christianity” is not mentioned once, neither is “Buddhism” mentioned in the Dhammapada.

Here is the truth. That technology , innovation, and logic are allowing things like alternative currencies and competing institutions which are slowly making government as we know it an obsolete invention. And we have no obligation to swear allegiance to a monopolized agency that wants to force us to pay for its evil.

Stay the course, and glue yourself to the middle path.

Randy Stroud

soveriegn tactics 2014
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Forget global warming, its the destruction of genuine manhood that threatens freedom in the USA.
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Originally shared by ****
As many non believing trolls like to say .. "this will never happen" ..Well Hows your police state coming .. MPC 
Michigan State Police receive federal authorization to fly drones on law enforcement missions
Michigan State Police have become one of the first law enforcement agencies in the nation to receive authorization from the Federal Aviation Authority to use unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as drones, in police operations.

It's been conducting training flights with the FAA's permission since February of 2014.

State police purchased a Aeryon SkyRanger in September of 2013 that will be on display for media at the Michigan State Police Training Academy located at 7426 North Canal Road in Lansing at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

"Potential missions include search and rescue, crime scene and crash investigations," a statement from state police said.

In order to obtain federal certification, state police created "strict policy" and procedures for pilots and spotters to adhere to. They include:

The unmanned aerial device is always flown by a two-person crew, with one acting as the pilot and the other as a safety observer
The FAA certified pilot has received specific training from the manufacturer in the safe operation of the Aeryon SkyRanger
The device must remain below 400 feet
It must remain within line of sight of the crew
Although the manufacturer's website says, "the unique touch-screen interface allows you to fly beyond line-of-sight, or fly at night, without losing the location of your flyer," use of those capabilities are contrary to the policy issued by state police.

The Aeryon SkyRanger is capable of live-streaming video and photos to any handheld smart phone.

"Field-tested and mission-proven, Aeryon sUAS set the standard for immediate aerial intelligence gathering by anyone, anywhere, anytime, for a wide range of military, public safety and commercial applications," the Aeryon website says.

State police tested the aircraft for one of the first times since receiving certification on March 4. Pilots flew the device over a fire investigation near Jenison, located southwest of Grand Rapids, and "collected both video and photographs of the structure to help investigators determine the origin and cause of the fire.

MLive Detroit could not immediately reach State police spokeswoman Tiffany Brown for comment on the cost of the program or how many drones the agency plans to purchase.
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