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Have We as a Nation Lost our Perspective?
I have a view. You have a view. We all have views. I look
into the wild blue yonder and see a cloud. To me it is a castle. You see a
fortress. Someone else sees the New York City skyline. I see a whale. You see a
shark. Those other people see a seal, yet we...

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Holocaust Remembrance Day
Zachor   זכור   -- Let Us Not Forget. Recently I went to a talk by Ben Lesser, a survivor of the
Nazi Death Camps. I listened to his story of beatings and hunger, the
wailing of burning children, and ashes that fell like snowflakes. His speaking
engagement ...

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A Matter of Perspective
     More than a decade ago, March 15, 2006, my two daughters and
their friend Jessica accompanied me down to Yuma. Arizona. It was their Spring
Break, and we left a couple days after their school let out. The night was full
dark since we were still north o...

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Death Valley, Coyotes and Snake Oil
I like to camp about twice a year. I think I’m getting too
old for this torture, but inevitably I plan another trip, pack up my little
Saturn and I’m on my way again. For the past couple years my daughter and I
thought that Death Valley in the winter time w...

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Uncle Trump
It felt really good to be an American today. I will admit
that I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. He sometimes shoots off his mouth, says
the wrong things. He reminds me of that uncle. You know the one. He is always
at the family reunions, or maybe sits at the...

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All Lives Matter
I feel so full of the Holy Spirit today since reading my
scriptures this morning. Specifically I studied Alma Chapter 26 which is in the
Book of Mormon. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Book of Mormon , it is not an addition to the Bible. It is the rec...

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Independence Day
Independence Day is fast approaching. It is the time that we
celebrate the declaration that the colonies would no longer be subject to the
tyranny and rule of Great Britain. Many people are still under the impression
that after that great statement was sign...

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One Christian Woman’s View on the Outlander Series
Two years ago a neighbor of mine named Pamela was excited to discover that I was a writer. She knew I was of Scots-Irish descent and that I like strong female lead characters in the books I write as well as those that I read. She asked me if I had time to r...

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King of the Nile
King of Denial (The flip-side to my other post about dying with dignity) I have a senior friend that I absolutely adore. “Jerrold” and I get along so well that it feels like he’s become a part of my family, and that’s the way it should be with friends that ...
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