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Welcome to our Google+ webpage!
We invite all our friends to share with their experience in laser repair, advise to other people how to solve a problem with a minilab and find new contacts in business.
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New AOM drivers for Noritsu with "stand by" mode (sleeping mode) is on sale.

Almost for three years we have been selling our New AOM drivers for any QSS Noritsu minilabs with two years warranty period.
We were the first who presented them on the last Fotokina 2014 with GREAT success.
That is the only AOM driver with so called "sleeping mode" (stand by) in the world.
It has huge resource due innovative design develpoed by our engineers and very reliable components.
It always sleeps but immediately wakes up if an operator press 'Print" button.

Our specialists used their own way of design and we guarantee high stable performance of the drivers for a long time.

Here the prices:
1- 9 pcs (retail price) - 350 USD/pc
10 - 29 pcs (dealer's price) - 300 USD/pc
30 and more pcs (inverstor's price) - 250 USD/pc

Usually my dealers buy them for 10 pcs. at once to reduce the shipping expenses.

The dimensions of the "light version" of our AOM driver allows to send them all in one carton box of medium size.
The retail price for our new AOM driver in Europe now is 500 euro from dealer to the end-users.

Warranty period for New AOM driver is 2 years.
Please read more about it here:
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New SLD lasers for all Noritsu and Fujifilm minilabs are on sale.
Perfect quality. Long lifetime.
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