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This company contributes a portion of every purchase to a cause of your choice supporting animals, education, clean water and the rainforest!

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I started a page for my business as a Social Media Consultant! I will share the blog posts I write for the Recruiting, Environmental Services and other industries so keep an eye out!

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Started my Google+ Business Page today! I will be posting links to my original website content in the recruiting, environmental, restoration industries. If your business needs engaging content and monitoring, please get in touch!

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My husband and I wrote this screenplay and we just made the Quarter-Finals! Congratulations, sweetheart!
Forsaken just became a Quarter-Finalist in the Page Awards. -- Since we'd tweaked it a bit after it made Finalist, last year, it would have been disappointing not to move on, but Yea Us, anyway. Send us quiet, good thoughts.

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I'm so proud of our little mob!
Swim Meet July 16 (9 photos)
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My new entreprenurial venture:

Are there typos on your website or blog? Do you even know? Are you a good speller? Do you need another pair of eyes to look at your product descriptions?

I don't know about you, but when I go to a website and immediately start seeing spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, I just as immediately distrust the vendor or writer.

Do you need help proofreading and editing your website or blog? We are here for you!

Another week ahead of swim team, water polo, fun with friends, work and sunshine!

Happy to be here!
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