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Kristian Köhntopp
I have always been here.
I have always been here.


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Hi, I am Kris. This post is pinned to the top of my stream. It explains who I am and what I do. If you are planning to follow me, here is what you will get.

What changed since last time?
After several failed starts in using Collections, I am now trying again, but in a very limited way. I still think they are broken, but because I have multiple recurrent themes in my stream, I will now add these themes into their respective Collections.

Still, if you want to read me, you need to follow me and not any of my Collections.

A list of Collections at the end of this post. Since the content is mostly German, the descriptions are in German, too.

This is a support post. If you have questions, ask them in the comments below. I will try to answer, and I may or may not delete question and answers after some time, depending on the permanent value of our conversation for other readers.


I am German, and I am posting a lot of content in german language. Some posts are in english, but overall I am convinced that there is a sufficient amount of english content on Google plus, so I do see no pressing need to add to that.


I am at the moment building data centers at, having moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Before that I was working on Openstack at SysEleven, an ecommerce hosting company in Berlin, Germany. Even earlier, I used to work at in Amsterdam working on databases, at MySQL AB as a consultant, at in Karlsruhe as a Security Engineer and at NetUSE AG in Kiel in various roles. I wrote Linux HOWTO documents, contributed to PHP, Spamassassin and many other projects. I do speak on conferences.


I am a high volume poster. Many of the posts are reshares. If you are new to Google plus, and follow me that may mean I am about to spam your stream.

You did delete my comment

I probably did.

I have a lot of followers, and many read the comments. I want to make that a worthwhile experience. So a comment that does not contribute to a meaningful discussion is likely to be deleted - 'me too', 'awesome post', 'haha funny' is likely to go.

I don't hate you, and I didn't dislike your comment. I just thought that it was a waste of time for some 50k+ other people, because it was redundant. Don't take it personally. You can always reshare my article and comment on it in your stream (and post a link to that as a comment to my article, explaining and inviting people to come over, I will never delete that).

You posted spoilers to some film or book

I probably did. I don't care where in the worldwide media consumption you are, and if you are on a US, German or other publishing schedule. I just post about stuff.

If you want to avoid spoilers, do not follow me.

I am a customer of, and I am using that to reshare stuff to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can follow me there, but discussion happens here. My identities on other social services are presence and reshare only, I do not really exist as a person over there.


Fertig gelesen Bücher, die ich gelesen habe und was ich so dazu gedacht habe. Ich fülle eine Review-Queue auf dem Kindle und arbeite die so 2-3 mal pro Jahr ab.

Gebackenes Meine Frau liest nicht nur das Ploetzblog, sondern setzt das dann auch radikal in die Tat um. Fotos von Broten und Brötchen sowie Diskussionen um Backwerk.

Ist ja bald Weihnachten Tand, der entweder geekig, cthuloid oder anderswie bemerkenswert ist und den man eventuell Leuten schenken könnte, die entweder schon alles haben oder die man nicht mehr kennen möchte.

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Aktuelle Lage: Oma. Zwei Stunden Bonusfahrzeit für die Strecke Kiel - Berlin, danach dann alles gut

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Smart TV's are a stain upon early 21st century tech culture. They do way too many things poorly, and then can't be repaired or replaced easily, regardless of warranty or service plan. Every time I turn on my Samsung 60" OLED, I see the words "Smart TV" flash on the screen, and I laugh out loud. And then I snort. And then I laugh again. Think Tom Hanks in Money Pit. Google it. Google "Tom Hanks laugh Money Pit".
Yep. Just like that. My TV is a stupid TV that THINKS it's smart, and that's the joke. Luckily you can disable most of the "smart" features, plug in a Chromecast, Android TV, or Roku box and keep it moving. But I can't help but think WHY?????? Why did this happen?
And why does it continue to happen????? Every TV you can buy will poorly duplicate the same features in your cable box or whatever you use to get content. Worse than that, you really can't buy a good dumb TV anymore. Or can you?

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Heise Redakteur hat keinen Plan B und entdeckt, daß es gar nicht so leicht ist, sich den Account zu stehlen.
Schweinerei der Woche: Google lässt nicht einfach jeden Deppen beliebige Konten übernehmen, sondern prüft die Identität ausführlich, wenn man das Passwort nicht hat. Und hat auch noch die Stirn, dass das etwas länger dauert (und manchmal scheitert), wenn man keinerlei Kontaktdaten für die Wiederherstellung hinterlegt hat!

Früher hätt's das nicht gegeben!

Ihr wollt übrigens bei gucken, was ihr als Account Recovery Options hinterlegt habt. Am wichtigsten ist eine Telefonnummer. Vielleicht auch gleich den kompletten Account Security Checkup durchlaufen, gerne einmal im Jahr.

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Also, Leute. Wenn das mit der freiwilligen Cyberwehr auch wieder nix wird kommt der Dienst an der Tastatur, die Cyberwehrpflicht, der Like-Dienst!

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Den Mac urlaubsklar zu machen dauert zum Glück nur 2 Minuten.
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