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Ist ja bald Weihnachten!
Luja, sog I!
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Die Chipifikation der c't ist nicht mehr aufzuhalten. Schade.
Windows schneller bedienen: Die 103 wichtigsten Tastenkürzel im Überblick. (lmd)
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Turns out, Takeout is broken and if it weren't, one cannot immediately do useful stuff with the data it creates anyway. One solution to work with takeout data can be found at

At different approach can be to buy by +Alois Bělaška and use this.

I did all, and regarding the export, I got this. I am now trying to import that somewhere and see how that goes.
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Als Google sagte, daß sie Google plus abschalten wollten im Oktober, da meinten sie April. Ihr braucht einen Account genau jetzt.
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Leaking of Google internal information to the public seriously threatens Google's traditional culture of internal openness, a culture that's important to Google, Google's users, and the world at large. That said, it can be argued that Dragonfly itself -- which upper management knew would be highly controversial both inside and outside the company -- violated that culture of openness to an unnecessary degree. There are in fact different kinds of leaks. There are opportunistic leaks -- like leaks of trade secrets. These are typically driven by greed. Then there are "political" leaks -- leaks designed to undermine a firm by playing into the hands of that firm's haters. And finally, there are what are often termed "whistle-blower" leaks (a designation that is not always accurate, and sometimes is used as cover for one of the other types of leaks). But when genuine whistle-blower leaks occur, they are almost always a sign of mismanaged internal pressures seeking a relief valve. The irony is that any kind of leak provides an excuse for internal crackdowns, and potentially a diversion from actually dealing effectively with the underlying issues at hand. -L
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4 Days no postings - what happened? I have moved. You need to follow on Disaspora to see content.

What did you miss? These postings have not been posted to G+:

Microsoft gibt Edge auf und verwendet in Zukunft die Engine von Chrome.

Verkehrsplanung in Singapur: Am besten gar keine Autos mehr

WALL·E | Typeset In The Future

May crushed as parliament humbles her before Brexit vote

Kryptowährungen am Abgrund: Bitcoin ist tot

Source: Google Allo will be officially shut down soon

Why helmets don’t prevent concussions — and what might

Die Wahrheit über Nikolaus

Bibi Blockchain on a Boat

Mehr als 81.000 VW-Kunden schließen sich Klage an

VW hat Tausende Risikofahrzeuge ungeprüft verkauft

Follow Friday


Live Action Kim Possible Movie Gets Trailer, Release Date

Top 20 Crypto currencies

“Right. The new trailer. It confirms that Thanos killed 50% of ALL living animals, not just hominoids. This is a HUGE problem."

Shrinking Aral Sea

Jargon von Verbrechern. Die Sprache der AfD

Seagate bringt 16-TByte-HAMR-Festplatte

Seehofer befürwortet Hack Back als Ultima Ratio

SESTA/FOSTA und Tumblr

Morgenandacht "Kreuzkirche Tokio" von Nora Steen

The Music Industry Asks US Government to Make ‘Unauthorized Streaming’ a Felony

CDU warnt vor Gefahren durch zu viel Verschlüsselung

Mad Max und die DSGVO: Die Auswirkungen dystopischer Science Fiction auf netzpolitische Debatten

Modal Split Amsterdam

Zahl der Verkehrstoten in den Niederlanden unverändert niedrig

Erstmals mehr tödliche Fahrrad- als Autounfälle

Major Study Shows Electric Bikes Good For Health vs Riding e-bikes does not lead to health benefits

Madris sperrt Innenstadt: Das Chaos bleibt aus

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

Wiwo Liebesbrief an Elon Musk

Jedi vs Dragonfly: US chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff urges Google to work with US military, not with China

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