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If you've added me on Google Plus, thanks and hi. Like everyone else, I have gazabillion people adding me at the moment and no time ( and - sigh..bad Dobby... Little inclination) to add back. I may get around to doing it, but since I stopped adding back last week, please understand that it's not you, it's me...
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I've hit triple figures which I thought was pretty good...then I looked at the accounts of all the american folk and they seem to have 500 folk added as a minimum :-) I haven't quite worked out how I'd manage the info flow at that level.
ditto - I like the lower impact of Twitter following ... as Mr Pratchett would say "This isn't life in the fast lane, it's life in the oncoming traffic."
snail: Not all of us Yanks have 500 people or more who've added us (or vice versa). Three digits does seem to happen pretty quickly. "Especially if you're a library person," sez I, given my One Big Circle.
That's a fair call Walt, and I was bit surprised at how quickly I reached triple figures ie library folk hit g+ hard :-)
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