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Vincent Scheib
Coder of pixels, games, and platforms.
Coder of pixels, games, and platforms.


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WebUSB presentation by Suz Hinton

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Post has attachment has an online block programming tool using #WebBluetooth

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Hiring to my team! Build playful experiences into the Google Assistant. Gamedev backgrounds particularly valued. "Hey Google, Call Santa", "Play Lucky Trivia" &c.

After 8 years on Chrome I've switched to a new team. I'm proud of dramatically changing what the web can do: Bluetooth, USB, First person games, WebGL, gamepads, Chrome Apps, ChromeOS!!! Cheers to the web, and to trying something new too.

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Experimental Chrome Canary & PuckJS / Thingy52 on Windows 10:

1. Windows > Settings > Bluetooth > Pair a device.
2. Chrome Canary > chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features > Enable
3. chrome://bluetooth-internals/#devices
4. Inspect device, check to see if services are discovered - confirm Chrome can access devices.
5. Use respective web apps:

Some other devices may work. Many other devices do not work. They fail at various stages for root causes we haven't researched yet.

This isn't shipping yet, (it is still behind a flag), but it's exciting that we've got this working.

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Controlling Emojis with mental waves over WebBluetooth... #f
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