Lawyers: Don't Forget Offline Marketing

All my talk lately about Google+ has prompted some of the regular readers of to wonder if I'm directing my clients to focus more time and attention online than offline.

No.  I'm not.

The Internet is a powerful marketing vehicle but it is just one avenue available to you.  I use a rule of thumb that I call the 10% rule. Simply put: You do not want more than 10% of your clients coming from any one form of media.

That necessitates finding and managing at least 10 different forms of media (most likely more) to drive clients to your law firm.  

Do you think that's a lot?  Are you having trouble keeping up with just one or two?  This is not unusual.  But finding a way to do so is essential to the growth of your law firm.

It is perfectly acceptable to have a receptionist or office manager help you manage your marketing.  In larger law firms, a marketing coordinator or marketing manager helps put things together for each of the partners marketing their practices.

Start with one or two forms of media (The Internet and Speaking at Association events for example) and develop systems for managing them.  Once your system is in place for these tactics, you can delegate the management of them to someone in your firm.

As a final thought:  Never delegate the marketing strategy or the aspects of marketing that require your personality in order to be effective.   Systems work but only if the message is good and the correct media is selected.   
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