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writer, author, autism, crafts, counted cross stitch, macrame,
writer, author, autism, crafts, counted cross stitch, macrame,

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Hi all,  I promised in a previous post that I would add a useful tool that worked for us.  My husband and I used a series of binders that helped us keep track of our son's meds, therapy, school, grades, successes, failures and any correspondence as he aged.  We had a different binder for each level of school; elementary, middle and high school.  We bought a 3-ring binder that had a clear pocket on the front.  In it was placed a current picture of him.  Inside we used dividers with tabs labeled with pertinent topics.  We carried this binder with us to doctor appointments, and Individualized Education Plan and Behavioral Intervention Plan meetings at school.  The binder was placed on the desk or table with our son's picture facing towards the people with which we were meeting.  By doing so it was a visual aid in reminding others that our son was an actual person, not a number, case or statistic.  If needed we had a copy of any documents that pertained to our son's disabilities.  It strengthened the fact that we were completely prepared for the meeting.  We was taken more seriously and part of his team in treatment, education and behavior.  It's important to work as a team with all involved in your child's treatments and education and by having his binder we were able to produce documents that weren't readily handy for the person or group with which we were meeting.  His binders were extremely helpful when DHS and the court system became involved.  It was evident to all that we had done everything we could do to raise him as a healthy child.

I hope this has been helpful.
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