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Christian, Dad, Geek, Maker, System Admin
Christian, Dad, Geek, Maker, System Admin

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+Charles Babbage​, this looks interesting. We should now about it.
Makers converge at the first Rocky Mountain Makerspace Conference July 16 + 17. #SavetheDate

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Somehow my head struggles to comprehend color in history. My brain wants to think these images are of much newer origin and I have to keep correcting myself. What a weird sensation. Somehow Lincoln in color was the most striking. He seems more consistent with written description. I've often thought pictures of him, didn't suite somehow.
History in color is more intimate. These old shots updated by amazing colorist:

What parts should I have on hand for making and experimenting with oscillators?

I'm making plans to equipping a lab for playing with RF. I've just acquired my first oscilloscope. At the moment I'm trying to figure out what to have on hand to experiment with oscillators.

I figure I can wind my own inductors, but I'm wondering what magnet wire and toroids should I have on hand for this sort of thing? Would I be better to just purchase a few of certain values?

Also, what capacitors would be best to have on hand for this?

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I'm trying to build up some test equipment with the objective of building transceivers. It seems that an LC meter might be a good idea and I know Arduino well enough so this looks like a potentially good project. Anyone have experience building one or have thoughts about this in home brewing? Maybe my time would be better spent elsewhere? 


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My new oscilloscope arrived today, the foundation tool with which I hope to build other tools to fill out a radio maker lab space. I think an LC/Frequency Meter based on an Arduino might be next.
The Siglent SDS1102CML arrived this afternoon and my kids and I have been having a good time with it. I’ve never turned on an oscilloscope before tonight. I’ve touched some older ones that were of questionable operating state, but not even seen the…

Do any of you have favorite homebrew blogs that you'd share? I'm interested in expanding my influences.

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I've decided to start up blogging again, chronicling my journey in ham radio. This entry steps through my interest in ham radio to passing my Technician license.

I'm making a pilgrimage to HRO Denver. What should I be sure not to miss? 

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This article had some really interesting background and thoughts on the ranchers taking over federal land. I found I wished it would have gone into greater detail.
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