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Yesterday we lost one of our own. 

I first met +Jaryl Szeto​ (@Dyssus) while trying to power level one of our other local agents. In that meet and several more run-ins with Dyssus, he was always one to come up to me to say hi and chat. I remember the last time we met was at Via Lux where we exchanged hellos but I had to rush off to prepare for the anomaly. It's a pity we didn't have more time.

This one's for you @Dyssus. May you rest in peace and be awesome wherever the next stop's gonna be.

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During times of trouble, any information vacuum will be filled by speculation.

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I've come to the opinion over the years that age is just a number. Its only definite significance is how long a person has been alive.

Someone who's around longer in a company isn't necessarily better at a job.
Someone who's older isn't necessarily wiser or more mature
Someone who's older doesn't necessarily have 'bigger' problems.
Someone who's older doesn't necessarily have the answers to those problems.

At the end of the day, I borrow a phrase i learnt from a friend, every situation is different. And how things are, and will be, is dependent on a multitude of factors.

Life has so many variables. Gaming is so much easier.

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Actually pretty true

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Google+ tips. Some really useful stuff here

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Ridzuan Ashim commented on a video on YouTube.
This is pretty awesome

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Simulating a 4 player game so I can figure out how to play this (Game of Thrones). Feels a little daunting so far. 
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