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Interestingly, these are the same strawberry glazed doughnut mix. The right has been steeping for 6 weeks. Look at that colour :P 

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Another fun filled eve. 800ml of juice. 8x Pinkman, 4x Blood Sukka, 4x Strawberry Glazed Doughnut. Retail £320. DIY £48. Saved another bomb. :) 

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Who knows what to make of these window outlines that won't budge on Win 10? I've seen this on Win 7 and it's normally due to graphics drivers needing updating and a right click and refresh on desktop cures it usually. Not on Win 10 though. The usual doesn't work with graphics drivers all up to date. Issue resurfaces, seems I may have isolated it to after the machine wakes from sleep. Restart it. It goes. Wake from sleep. It's back. Frustrating :)

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Crown is here. Dayumm that airflow! Huge compared to the Tron tank but no complaints yet. Running the 0.5ohm at 25w to start with. 
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Happy Sunday :) £240 retail. £35 DIY. 

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Best choice for VTwo mini? Based off community member opinions. 
56 votes
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Innokin iSub V
Kayfun Lite
Crown Uwell

Help a brother vaper. Recently moved up to the vtwo mini mod and enjoying it. Apart from the stock Tron-S tank. Gurgles and spits and leaks and I know there's better. Anyone else use this mod or the former vtc mini and can recommend a decent tank? Today sealed it today when the tank leaked that bad and my mod went flying like a bar of wet soap.
Ideally with;
-top fill
-minimum of 4ml capacity (more the merrier)
-doesn't have to be rebuildable but preffered
-diameter that won't overhang on mini (22mm I believe)
-less prone to dagnum leaking
-flavour > clouds personally

My research has led me towards a few, uwell, tfv4 (huge on a mini and optimum wattage is 80w which mine won't reach so maybe not), billow, maybe one of these crazy 10ml tanks floating about. I just know the stock Tron-S is sub par. Any fellow vtc mini users about care to voice their opinion? 

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Pros for DIY. To the left my favourite off the shelf juice in UK. Heisenberg. 10ml retails at £4 a bottle. To the right my DIY 50ml bottle. £5.37...mega!


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DIY - 1 year supply of base XD 

Hi fellow Vapers. Some imparted wisdom if you will. I've been vaping now for 5 years with the caveat that I wouldn't upgrade my device until it failed. That time is now. I'm no Pro but like to think no moron either but always looking for some advice. I know my way around Ohms, Watts and Volts etc. Just about :)
OK, so I first packed in analogues 5 years ago. Took up vaping with your everyday eGo and starter kits. Upgraded the tank to an Aspire ET-S after a year and remained happy with two backup 900mah batteries for a total of 3 years. Much more durability in the full metal housing and a bigger capacity tank to boot reducing refills. Dabbling a little further I upgraded my battery to a VV spinnervision 2 1600mah and notched the voltage up to 4.3 where it's sat for the last two years. Good for 20000 fires if memory serves and 600 charge cycles it's now showing its age, and starting to fail and I'm keen for the next step...
Ok so my pre-requisites are;
- All day battery life (not a chain Vaper but use for a good 5 hours a day I'd say) I frequently travel so a couple days use would be ideal
- Min 4ml tank
- Sub ohming potential down the line if I decide to dabble in this 0.01+
- Removable battery, likely 18650s in married tandem or individual if battery life can hold for a day (LGs or Sammys for sure)
- FW upgradeable
- Pass through a must
- TC
- Resistance meter
- Internal overcharge protection (not seen any with this. Right now I charge my spinnervision overnight with a powerbank that auto-shuts off when device is charged)
- Display with usual gubbins, puff counter ideal

Writing this now gives me an idea I'm asking for everything in one here and probably being over demanding :S Main requirement is all day battery life. Likely going to be a low wattage and work my way up once I get a feel for things.
Currently I'm looking at mod kits to start out and i've personally got myself to 3 options;
1. Vtc Mini
2. Cuboid
3. RX200
Each iteration adding an extra battery.
Can you guys steer me down the right road here. I understand I can essentially mimic my set up on my spinnervision keeping the wattage around 10-15 on a mod box with a 2.5ohm coil. Which I'll probably do to begin with, correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for taking the time to read and assist. 
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