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Crown is here. Dayumm that airflow! Huge compared to the Tron tank but no complaints yet. Running the 0.5ohm at 25w to start with. 
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+Chris Gosling I used the 2 for a full 48 to give it half a chance but In the end o switched back to the original crown so much better
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Best choice for VTwo mini? Based off community member opinions. 
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Innokin iSub V
Kayfun Lite
Crown Uwell
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Looks like I'll be picking up a Crown and Griffin cheers for the feedback
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DIY - 1 year supply of base XD 
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3 months if I pace myself
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Hi fellow Vapers. Some imparted wisdom if you will. I've been vaping now for 5 years with the caveat that I wouldn't upgrade my device until it failed. That time is now. I'm no Pro but like to think no moron either but always looking for some advice. I know my way around Ohms, Watts and Volts etc. Just about :)
OK, so I first packed in analogues 5 years ago. Took up vaping with your everyday eGo and starter kits. Upgraded the tank to an Aspire ET-S after a year and remained happy with two backup 900mah batteries for a total of 3 years. Much more durability in the full metal housing and a bigger capacity tank to boot reducing refills. Dabbling a little further I upgraded my battery to a VV spinnervision 2 1600mah and notched the voltage up to 4.3 where it's sat for the last two years. Good for 20000 fires if memory serves and 600 charge cycles it's now showing its age, and starting to fail and I'm keen for the next step...
Ok so my pre-requisites are;
- All day battery life (not a chain Vaper but use for a good 5 hours a day I'd say) I frequently travel so a couple days use would be ideal
- Min 4ml tank
- Sub ohming potential down the line if I decide to dabble in this 0.01+
- Removable battery, likely 18650s in married tandem or individual if battery life can hold for a day (LGs or Sammys for sure)
- FW upgradeable
- Pass through a must
- TC
- Resistance meter
- Internal overcharge protection (not seen any with this. Right now I charge my spinnervision overnight with a powerbank that auto-shuts off when device is charged)
- Display with usual gubbins, puff counter ideal

Writing this now gives me an idea I'm asking for everything in one here and probably being over demanding :S Main requirement is all day battery life. Likely going to be a low wattage and work my way up once I get a feel for things.
Currently I'm looking at mod kits to start out and i've personally got myself to 3 options;
1. Vtc Mini
2. Cuboid
3. RX200
Each iteration adding an extra battery.
Can you guys steer me down the right road here. I understand I can essentially mimic my set up on my spinnervision keeping the wattage around 10-15 on a mod box with a 2.5ohm coil. Which I'll probably do to begin with, correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks for taking the time to read and assist. 
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So both upgraded in the same day :)
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Chris Gosling

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In the market for a smartwatch and I'm ridiculously anal. Can anyone advise best option based on experience or purchase? My needs/likes;
- full round face
- 1.5 day battery life minimum
- bt
- microphone (speaker beneficial)
- vibration
Moto 360 is out, black bar drives me crazy, huawei is overpriced considering other android wear devices. LG G watch R is tickling my fancy as the urbane I don't find aesthetically pleasing. Pebble time steel was ordered but cancelled considering the displays on other devices are far superior. Gear S2 would be fantastic but it's Tizen and I'm not a fan of the OSes limitations but it's a worth candidate. Thoughts? Just don't know what to get right now. 
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+Chris Gosling I figured Huawei would have taken a page out of the 360 charging pad design. Lol
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+Colby Whalen Just a lil comparative. Colby's wipes the floor with mine but he's got a lotta space in his gaff than me in the UK. Props.
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Happy Sunday :) £240 retail. £35 DIY. 
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+Chris Chastain my scale is a cheap on from local superstore. So long as you get one that can measure to two decimal places. Shouldn't be an issue :) failing that. Use syringes to extract amounts and add to bottle. I also do that. 
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Help a brother vaper. Recently moved up to the vtwo mini mod and enjoying it. Apart from the stock Tron-S tank. Gurgles and spits and leaks and I know there's better. Anyone else use this mod or the former vtc mini and can recommend a decent tank? Today sealed it today when the tank leaked that bad and my mod went flying like a bar of wet soap.
Ideally with;
-top fill
-minimum of 4ml capacity (more the merrier)
-doesn't have to be rebuildable but preffered
-diameter that won't overhang on mini (22mm I believe)
-less prone to dagnum leaking
-flavour > clouds personally

My research has led me towards a few, uwell, tfv4 (huge on a mini and optimum wattage is 80w which mine won't reach so maybe not), billow, maybe one of these crazy 10ml tanks floating about. I just know the stock Tron-S is sub par. Any fellow vtc mini users about care to voice their opinion? 
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Griffin is the best that I have used. 
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Pros for DIY. To the left my favourite off the shelf juice in UK. Heisenberg. 10ml retails at £4 a bottle. To the right my DIY 50ml bottle. £5.37...mega!

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K lol 
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Chris Gosling

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This is not a petition, it's a chance for you to send a message direct to your MP.
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Hi there, just a query I can't seem to get answered anywhere so far so for those dedicated G+'ers. I am interesting in buying a four bay NAS drive for my data to use in a RAID array to protect the data also after having a cataclysmic hard drive failure in the past resulting in a loss of terabytes of data. Primarily I wish to use the NAS drive as a backup device and external storage to save space on my devices. QNAPS TS-412 is within my budget for example and will do everything on a local network I would need it to, such as streaming, backups, storage with RAID arrays etc. My query however is I need access to the contents of the drive over the internet. Specifically AVI video files. I have seen Synology have the ability to do this via some of their NAS drives with forwarded ports and settings accordingly pointed to a device outside the network running XMBC for example. My main goal is to have my AVI videos stream over the internet to my portable devices such as iPhone and iPad. Now I know AVI files are not natively supported via Apple and iOS yet jailbreaking is always an option and with XMBC this is now possible. I have already done this via my iPad and can stream AVI files locally to it no problem from my current local TimeCapsule drive. However, when leaving the local network this then fails even though the drive is mapped accordingly via its WAN IP address, probably due to Apple only allowing access via AFP with iCloud and that this is due to the fact the TimeCapsule is just a drive and not actually a server per say. Can anyone recommend a NAS to stream AVI content over the internet to portable devices without lag assuming the internet connections at both ends are suitable and with evidence to prove so if you have a set up yourself. Or if not via XMBC and direct streaming is there a way of any NAS to transcode files on the fly to a native iOS format like MP4, much like StreamToMe and AirPlayIt would from a PC or Mac running their respective servers or are its specifications in regards to CPU performance just too low for this and do NAS devices have facilities for add on applications.
Either way I am looking for a solution to stream AVI files either with or without transcoding over the internet that is going to be capable of lag free viewing at the receiving end in standard definitions. Synology have done this but only with all videos encoded as MP4 which, due to my vast library would be far too time consuming to convert it in its entirety. Will the TS-412 be capable or will only the out of budget higher end NAS drives be suitable?
Recommendations and experiences please.
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Yeah sorry for late response but, I've checked communities in G+ not so often...Happy anyway if my personal thought was helpful :)
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Chris Gosling

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Why, after all these years, does Treyarch or Infinity ward not use dedicated servers? It's like 4 in 5 games are 15fps, dead, 15fps, spawn killed, 15fps quickscoped XD.

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I have no respect for quick-scoper's... Since I have been playing games probably before most of those kids who do... I can't remember any quick scoping on doom... Maybe because it didnt exist. ???? 
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