Just red hot off the press today. Nice work, and even has an API (bonus points). The area of interest search doesn't really seem to work, or I'm doing it wrong.

The press release (http://www.usgs.gov/newsroom/article.asp?ID=3566) says that the size is unprecedented. However, GBIF has 4x more records. Are there occurrences in BISON that aren't in GBIF? I would hope not.

The spatial search and geographical data layer overlay is orders of magnitude better than what GBIF's user interface offers.

There is no mention whatsoever that I can find about how the system was engineered, and where the source code is. Perhaps they don't want any development participation by non-USGS people. But the features certainly seem cool enough that there ought to be many possibilities for reuse of the technology. And this was funded from taxpayer funds, developed by government employees. Shouldn't that mean that the source is freely available and in the public domain?
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