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Poet Veritas
I am a poet and a writer. Or perhaps I am a writer and a poet...
I am a poet and a writer. Or perhaps I am a writer and a poet...

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MY GRAVEST SIN - WAS TO LOVE YOU FROM THE OUTSIDE IN ... ~>( 0 )    Please email this poem to your friends and colleagues, and share this poem through your social media channels if you appreciated it. Thank You! Please follow POET VERITAS on Google+ Labels,...

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LETTING GO After years of clinging to a perpetually slippery sense of sanity, to a semblance of normalcy in a world built contrary to my fiery internal reality, my hands had grown gnarled, and veinous and sinewy... strong, but aching increasingly with every...

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Dangerous If Left Alone -- #POETVERITAS
DANGEROUS IF LEFT ALONE   Razor held over my wrist Sent out over a dozen "I Love You" notes Waiting for someone to answer with the same Dangerous if left alone By myself with no one home Dangerous if left alone By myself with no one home ///   Please email ...

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The Innocence Of Simplicity -- #POETVERITAS
 THE INNOCENCE OF SIMPLICITY I have always been envious of those rare individuals who can take a giant thought and reduce it to a simple statement.        I am quite the opposite.  My use of the written word is frightfully inefficient. I take the smallest t...

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THE ROAD TO OBLIVION Innovation born of desperation leads to darkness and incarceration; what seem like lightning sparks of brilliance are sconces lit along the walls down the stairway to hell. Can you not feel it getting  colder and increasingly moist and ...

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WATCHING TIME Nothing to do - so I watch time slowly pass on the clock on the kitchen wall.  I remember days and years when time was streaking by and there just didn't seem to be enough of it.  Whole days passed in what seemed like hours. The pace was breat...

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  THE BIG LIE My very existence is in small part fact and large part fiction - I've created my own character and defensively polished it over the course of too many years - And I live The Big Lie to the extent that I have lost all vision of the truth, wonde...

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What She Doesn't Know -- #POETVERITAS
WHAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW Silence falls between us as our worlds separate after the seductive pleasure of a long kiss; We hold hands and walk slowly, slightly dazed by the hypnotic moment of pure passion. I can't know what she is thinking as she smiles and look...

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LOITERING My routine has become more routine as i fade into the backdrop of all else; Slowly, fewer steps, almost motionless camouflaged by furniture; Just waiting for something to change; I loiter through days and nights. o0o Please email this poem to your...

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SOLITARY SONG I cannot sleep. I am deliberately focusing upon the simple events of this summer's day. The smell of the orange blossoms on the light, warm breeze... The faint buzz of the dragonflies in the late afternoon sun. Trying to remember every thing, ...
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