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After a few years of getting out of marketing and pursuing other things, I'm back in action. And I have to say the market is more tough than it was. I'm not a marketing expert. All I know is that I like to do what I like to do and I believe that we should have fun doing what we like without stressing out if it doesn't go exactly they way we expect. In fact expecting results is only going to get your heart broken.
I may sometimes be opinionated and sometimes seem rude but I tell it like it is. I understand what it's like to be beat down by the system. So many issues with services offered on the internet that I want awareness drawn to these issues. All these companies think that they know what is best for us and that may be the case for the average consumer but I am not the average consumer so don't reat me like one.
If you are reading this, I've just started a website dedicated to real answers and reviews on products, services and websites on the internet.
I could use your help but you have to be open minded and be able to think outside of the box. I don't candy coat things. I tell it like it is.
The site is in progress and I will update as it goes so don't expect too much right away.
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