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Been having a wonderful tour of Ireland and we're not even half done! 
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Finally picked up The Witcher 3, can't wait to get into it. Picked it up from GoG instead of Steam just because I want to support CD Projekt Red that much more. Of course like all the other Witcher games I'll also be playing the game in its native Polish language! Can't wait! 

Well I finally got to the "big moment" in my group's Shadowrun adventure. The team is guarding a high level meeting with their VIP when suddenly a huge strike team attacks their location. VIP makes it out, but the team's helicopter is destroyed and they escape into the forest! Next morning they find out they're being blamed for the attack, and that news of the attack caused the complete collapse of the corporation they were working for! Did I mention they're also now stuck in Tir Na Nog? Overall it went awesome, I can't wait to see how they dig themselves out of it. #Shadowrun

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Can't wait for more Clive Barker! 

When the Internet and cable went out this morning I didn't expect the cause to be "the water heater exploded". 

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Smeggin awesome!
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII Announced!
As the entire population of the world obsesses over the birth of a baby in London, 3 million light years away in a substantial space vessel belonging to the Jupiter Mining Corporation, 4 hopeless smegheads prepare for more adventures.
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII
Recording starts late October 2015.
12 new episodes.
Broadcast on Dave in the UK, and no doubt on many other channels globally.
Shed loads of Smeg Ups
Original cast (they couldn't get anyone decent to do it)
Original writer (Doug-Chief of Comedy Police-Naylor)
About 18 kilos of rubber, 12 H's, a lot of hair extensions, sequins, Vindaloo and a new smeg hammer.

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Okay this might be long-winded so bear with me. 

There is a very good analogy with the new Eldar codex to be made with Magic the Gathering.  When a new batch of Magic cards come out, players rush to identify the a) best rare cards and b) best card combos.  The best tournament players scramble to get these cards and combos, or defeat them.  As a Magic tournament player you should be doing the same. It does not matter if you enjoy playing a Blue Counterpsell deck, for example, if a Blue Counterpsell deck simply does not use the best cards available. You must adjust your play style.  You can insist on bringing you Blue Counterspell deck to the tournament, but it will be your own fault when you lose. 

Take that same scenario and apply it to casual Magic play.  Your average player may not have the money to devote to acquiring the best combo cards. If you are a tournament player, are you going to have a lot of fun playing good games against your friends with a deck designed to win in 5 turns? Probably not!  As a tournament player maybe you should look into more "fun" and less powerful decks.  Focus more on creativity than raw power. 

These same issues come up with Warhammer 40k.  However 40k has a really big difference, which is the hobby. 

I can't necessarily go out any buy, build, and paint a new army based on a new ruleset like I can with Magic Cards.  Likewise unlike Magic, I'm much more attached to my Orks due to the time and money I've spent on them than I am attached to my Blue Counterpsell deck. 

Warhammer 40k is imbalanced when it comes to tournament play, just like Magic the Gathering is.  Certain models, rules, etc are simply better.  The nature of the hobby aspect to the game simply makes it difficult to adapt to the changing meta, which is why there is so much groaning and complaining about new rulesets and codex creep.  This affects casual players as well as tournament players, but tournament players are more heavily hit by it.  A casual player can still have fun playing a "bad" army and his friends can (if they choose) bring a non-tournament style list so they don't blow him off the table. 

The new Eldar codex is no different than the Necron codex or the Knight codex or 7th Edition.  Tournament players have to adapt or die.  Personally this is why I don't play in tournaments, either Magic or 40k.

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Carolyn and puppy enjoying lunch! 

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Ork Meganobz 

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Decided to go explore the Rigel star system in Elite Dangerous.  Took me awhile to get there, but it was worth the journey.
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