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Cowslip - a fairy
I am a Fairy
I am a Fairy

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I insult the dawn with my tricks of light because I know a true heart is all forgiving #dream40  

The moon boasts of married bliss as the measure of love #dream40  

My shadow caught in the branches after too much merriment #dream40  

The lion roars at mockery but at least my moonlight is a kinder critic #dream40  

My wings dissolve in streams of pink champagne #dream40  

Humans blame us for bringing their dark dreams to light #dream40  

My photograph haunts the dark rooms of a playwright #dream40  

The mischief of a spirit obsessed with his own image mixing icons with cupid #dream40

I wrote a song of love inside the head of an organ player as his ears grew longer #dream40  

The trees hear my laughter as the spaniel girl now finds herself beloved #dream40  
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