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I was just nomming on my lunch while reading a bit of news on-line when I read this article .  OMFG!!!!!!   The 42-year-old Indian woman was in deep slumber last Tuesday night
until she awoke around midnight to a “tingling, crawling sensation” in
her righ...

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Tapir Time
I subscribed to National Geographic about a year ago, and I am finally finally FINALLY slogging through past editions.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them.  I feel the need to read every single article, so it takes time.  They are invariably interesting.  Inf...

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The Crying Game
Well Happy New Year to anybody that bothers to check this blog anymore! I was listening to the radio the other day and some deejay said that the average woman cries 60 times a year, and the average man cries 6 times a year.  Hmmm.  We are sixteen days into ...

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America's Top Spelling Mistakes
I heard a report on NPR the other day about how Google crunched data from its search engine to put together this map that shows which spellings people search for the most frequently in each state. Several of the terms appear more than once, such as “desert...

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Are You Lost in the World Like Me / Video by Steve Cutts
Just saw a clip of this via @lalunajade on instagram and thought it was an interesting/horrifying commentary on present times....

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Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Dia de los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is pretty much my favorite day of the year to take pics! I posted a few of these on instagram already ( @drollgirl and @ohyespleaseandthankyou ), but here are bigger, juicier pics. @tinytoyland @luisproj...

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Paris, Texas / Talk Talk
from Paris, Texas Not that it matters, but I wrote this a few months back and for some reason or another didn't bother to publish it until now.... Have you ever seen the movie Paris, Texas ?  It is a strange movie, and I just loved it.  The cinematography i...

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  art by Neil Wax Do you live your life DREADING certain activities?  It feels like I always have something I am fretting about or dreading.  It is annoying.  Yesterday I had to attend a meeting that had me so nervous.  I considered calling in sick, but cou...

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Zun Lee
I recently saw a photo by Zun Lee (the first one pictured below), and just loved it. I then zipped over to his website to see more.  I thought it would be a quick visit, but I was there a l-o-n-g time admiring his beautiful shots.  His work features none of...

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Leyly Matine-Daftary
I recently saw an image of a Leyley Matine-Daftary painting, and I was intrigued. It was such a beautiful, simple, crisp and clean work that I started hunting around to find more of her works.  I found the images listed below, and I just love them. They re...
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