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The Cloudcast (.net)
Weekly podcast - All things Cloud Computing, DevOps, OpenSource, SaaS, AWS EcoSystem
Weekly podcast - All things Cloud Computing, DevOps, OpenSource, SaaS, AWS EcoSystem

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The Cloudcast #286 - “Balancing Monolithic Apps and Microservices” with @burrsutter from @RedHatNews- #DevOps

Brian talks with Burr Sutter (@burrsutter, Director of Developer Experience @RedHatNews) about the Java application community, how companies are managing their existing applications, how they can ship updates faster and with better quality, and the evolution of microservices in the Java world.

The Cloudcast #285 - “Automation, DevOps & Reddit” with @jedelman8 and @Mierdin

Aaron and Brian talk with Jason Edelman (@jedelman8, Founder @networktocode), and Matt Oswalt (@mierdin, Software Engineer @stackstorm) about the state of automation in the industry, how people are evolving their skills, if any of this DevOps is real, and what’s it’s like to be Internet Famous for a day.

The Cloudcast #284 - “2016 Review & 2017 Predictions” -

Aaron and Brian review the state of The Cloudcast, review the biggest stories in 2016, and make predictions about 2017.

The Cloudcast #283 - The Public Cloud (at the end of 2016) - #AWS #Azure #GCP #AI #MachineLearning #SaaS #Salesforce #Oracle #Serverless

Aaron and Brian talk about the state of the public cloud, where each of the big 3 fit in the global IT picture, the big trends happening (mostly) in public cloud and what people should be tracking as we move into 2017.

The Cloudcast #280 “DevOps from the Enterprise” with @Josh_Atwell #DOES16 #DevOps

Brian talks with Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell, Cloudcast's Chief DevOps Correspondent) about the DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES16), DevOps success stories, how companies manage the evolution, common DevOps failures and any models that can be reused by other companies.

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The Cloudcast #279 - Understanding Kubernetes Operators w/@brandonphilips#Kubernetes #KubeCon #StatefulSets

Brian talks with Brandon Phillips (@brandonphilips, CTO at @CoreOS) about “Operators” and the evolving capabilities to help companies operate Kubernetes and manage the application around Kubernetes.

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The Cloudcast #278 “Automatic DevOps for the People” -@jtroyer @TechReckoning&@Geek_Whisperers#DevOps #KubeCon

Brian talks with John Troyer (@jtroyer, CEO at @TechReckoning, a community for IT pros) about IT organizations are dealing with DevOps, the pace of change, open source software and communities.

The Cloudcast #277 - DevOps Perspectives from the Front Lines w/@ChrisShort, DevOps @SolarWindsMSP

Brian and Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) talk with Chris Short (@ChrisShort, DevOps @SolarWinds) about the day-to-day role of a DevOps Engineer, how he chooses his tools and communications models, what he learned from the military that’s applicable to DevOps and how he uses his development skills to augment operations.

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The Cloudcast #276:  “3D Printing & Maker Movement” with @harriskenny from @lulzbot3D,

Brian and Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell) talk with Harris Kenny (@harriskenny, VP Marketing @ Aleph Objects) about Lulzbot, the state of 3D printing, market segments, experimentation, innovation, new materials usage and how the Maker-Movement is impacting various aspects of the economy.

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The Cloudcast #275 - “Microsoft, Millennials & Open Source” w/ Heather Shapiro (@microheather, Developer Advocate @Microsoft) #ATO2016

Brian talks with Heather Shapiro (@microheather, Technical Evangelist @Microsoft) about Microsoft's approach to Big Data, how visualization helps people grasp analytics concepts, helping students learn the basics of big data, and the millennial perspective on the tech industry today.
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