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Thank you Rustem and RB Systems!

InTheLoop apologies to our low Skype recording quality!

1:02 How RB Systems became involved with the hyperloop and how architecture and industrial design.
3:02 Model of the pod for the SpaceX design weekend.
3:46 How do design a Hyperloop system, project and new typologies.
4:46 Where would you want to travel in a Hyperloop system?
6:00 Where the first Hyperloop's will be built vs most demand for a Hyperloop.
9:00 Introducing the RB System though integrated design.
12:00 What the Hyperloop design should be.
14:52 Showing RB System renderings of a Hyperloop station.
16:22 Cross section of the station.
20:50 Size of the dome and its construction.
22:25 How a passenger arrives at the station.
26:26 Hyperloop Pod model demonstration.
30:00 What it would be like in ride in a Hyperloop Pod.
32:08 How to follow and support RB Systems

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Thank you Andrew of Team HyperLift!

00:51 Andrew's introduction
01:30 About Team HyperLift
02:16 Where would you like a hyperloop to be built?
02:52 Why did you get involved with the hyperloop project?
03:38 How will the hyperloop change your life?
04:29 How can the internet support Team HyperLift?
04:46 Team HyperLift's news recognition.
05:16 Andrew's closing thoughts on the SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition

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Finally an interview 'near' a Hyperloop Pod! Thanks +Bibop G. Gresta of #HyperloopTransportationTechnologies  !  #hyperloop  

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TransPod Inc interview with Sebastien Gendron!

1:03 What Is TransPod Inc?
4:10 Which cities would you like to be connected in the hyperloop?
5:44 Why do you want work on the hyperloop?
8:34 How can we support TransPod Inc?

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