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How a Community Profile Can Boost Your Real Estate Sales

Want to sell your listings faster? Or help your buyer locate the perfect home with a minimum of car time? Capitalize on “Location, location, location” with a community profile. Millennials are quickly becoming into their prime home buying power--accounting for more than 80 million potential clients--and they’re looking for a style of living that differs from their baby boomer parents. Immersion in a vibrant local culture is at the top of their must-haves, and you can set your listings apart by introducing them to it.

The Experience of Living at Your Listing
When I was an Arizona Realtor, I often worked with young couples buying their first home. My sales skyrocketed during the months when my son was an infant. I often brought him with me to showings (he was a happy baby) and let the young couple carry him around as they imagined raising their own future children. The emotional connection formed by imagining what life would be like in a house well-suited to their needs dramatically reduced the number of properties they viewed before writing an offer..

Fortunately, you can form an emotional attachment for buyers without having to go through the pain of childbirth. A well-researched community guide gets your buyer imagining the way life will be when living in the house you have listed. From having a cup of joe at that cute brick coffee shop down the street to walkable leisure activities such as trails, farmers markets, or movie theaters, your buyer can be emotionally attached to living in the community before even setting foot in your listing.
Types of Community Guides
City-Focused - If your home-buying client is moving to the area but haven’t settled on a neighborhood or subdivision yet, this can save you playing tour guide by driving them to different areas of town. A city community guide also makes a great promotional flyer for your open house table to set yourself apart as an agent who is an expert about the area.

Neighborhood-Focused - Do you specialize in one neighborhood or subdivision? A neighborhood community guide lets prospective buyers know what locals love about the area. From local hangouts to trails and off-the-beaten track activities, your buyers will have their finger on the pulse of what makes the neighborhood tick.

Listing-Focused - Have a great listing that hasn’t seen much action? Or perhaps you want to highlight all the great walkable (or away-from-it-all) attractions for a unique home? A listing-specific community guide can be an optimal addition to your open house table or property flyer to engage both buyers and other Realtors with the experience of what it's like to live there

Get Professional Help
Use a content marketing professional with a real estate background to help you make the most of your community guide. (My unique background combines more than a decade of real estate industry experience with tourism and travel). Writing an effective guide extends far beyond just describing what’s in the area. It starts with researching effective keywords that will bring qualified buyers to your site, understanding the most likely target audience and adopting a writing voice that keeps them engaged.

Jodi Thornton-O’Connell
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