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“Good Neighbor” of the week- a chiropractor in Niagara Falls offers free treatment for injured vets.

Adjustments can relieve the amount of stress in your body and help you restore a balance in your nervous system.

At Mutli Care Medical, we provide a variety of services including surgery and rehabilitation methods for sports injuries.

Our services are consistent in line with the best healthcare treatment from top professionals in the business. Call us at 954-441-7246 to say goodbye to pain today!

Make sure to take breaks every once in awhile if you are working at a desk job or some other activity that requires sitting for a long time.

Are you unsatisfied with your exercise routine? We can tailor programs to meet any athlete’s needs.

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Lower back pain is the fifth most common reason for an individual to see a physician in the United States. At Multi Care Medical, we find the cause of the pain and treat it directly.

Common workplace injuries can be resolved with our skillful chiropractic
services. See us today for an initial consultation.

We are here for you! Ask our accredited professionals about any questions concerning your treatment.

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Here at Multi Care Medical, your health is our top priority. Our customer’s testimonials can attest to this:
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