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The calculations have introduced an error that is carried into the final result:  when computing the length into feet, the fractional result was truncated and then multiplied by 12 to get inches.  The truncation introduced a loss in precision because the discarded digits, when multiplied by 12, would have affected the higher-order digits of the result.

The better and correct answer is 62.9921259842519685... inches or 5'2.9921259842519685..." which is really (1.6 m)×(100 cm/m)/(2.54 cm/in) = 160/2.54 in.  Yes, even my crummy phone's calculator will show 62.9921259843, not 62.99208.

Of course, when written as "1.6 m" in scientific terms, it has only 2 significant figures, so quoting so many digits is really not practical unless the original figure is exact.  Thus, 5'3" is a proper answer.

BTW, the calculator/converter below the article is wrong when it returns 1.6 m = 5 ft + 2.992130000000003 in.  For it to return so many digits of precision, of which, most are wrong, points to a failing of the programmer to understand the underlying computation and the precision of the internal variables.  The code should compute the result in inches, as in IN = 160.0/2.54, and then compute the result in feet, as in FT = IN/12.0 .  Both can be printed with the appropriate decimal places that are maintained by the storage size and computational precision of the code.  [It shouldn't print "exactly".]  Using MS Calculator and Notepad, I can assemble this info. "manually" as:
IN = 62.992125984251968503937007874016
FT = 5.2493438320209973753280839895013
To get the result in standard form (a'b.cde"), simply update both variables by truncating FT to whole feet, and subtracting its equivalent inches from IN to get remaining inches.  In MS Calculator, the truncation function is the Int button:
FT = Int(FT) = 5.0
IN = IN - FT*12.0 = 2.992125984251968503937007874016
Thus, the correct result, in standard form, is 5'2.9921259842519685...", which looks very different from 5'2.992130000000003".

P.S.:  Please do not produce or link to tools that return bad results, as they only propagate problems with the innumerate Internet populace.
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