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I saw your youtube video on electrical problems.  I am experiencing the following symptoms on my 2004 Chrysler Crossfire:

1. Alarm sets its self off, even while driving.
2. Cruise control is disabled if I turn on the headlights.
3. Turning on the headlights and pressing the brake pedal seems to simulate the key being in the ignition and in the ON position. For example I can turn on the headlights and press the brake pedal with the key in the OFF position, or not even in the key cylinder, the instrument panel lights up and the fuel pump turns on. If I have been driving with the headlights on and I come to a stop, I can hold the brake pedal, turn the key and remove it from the ignition cylinder, and the car will keep running until I turn off the headlights, or release the brake pedal.

So far I have tried replacing the illumination control module (headlight switch) and I am still having symptoms. 

I tested all the grounds I can reach. The following tested voltage with the engine off, and the engine on.

Battery 12.51, 14.52
G100 12.52, 14.52, left side of engine compartment
G101 12.52, 14.52, right side of engine compartment
G104 12.53, 14.51, top front of engine
G107 12.53, 14.52, right side of engine compartment, battery negative ground

G200 12.53, 14.46, behind left side of instrument panel at base of windshield
G201 12.53, 14.46, lower left footwell behind kickpanel
G202 under center console at the occupant restraint controller
G203 under the center console
G204 12.53, 14.47, lower right footwell behind kickpanel
G205 12.53, 14.50, upper left rear passenger compartment
G206 12.53, 14.48, lower right footwell behind kickpanel

G300 12.53, 14.50, left luggage compartment behind trim panel
G301 12.53, 14.50, lower right luggage compartment behind trim panel
G303 12.53, 14.50, upper right luggage compartment behind trim panel

I have not removed the center console to reach grounds at G202 and G203. The following components are grounded at these locations:

G202 Occupant Restraint Controller, Driver Seat Belt Tensioner Switch, Passenger Seat Belt Tensioner Switch, Passenger Seat Occupant Simulator, Left Side Impact Sensor, Right Side Impact Sensor

G203 Left Heated Seat Cushion, Left Heated Seat Back, Right Heated Seat Cushion, Right Heated Seat Back, Shift Lever Assembly, Park Brake Switch, Radio, Power Mirror Switch

Do you recommend pulling the center console to test the grounds at G202 and G203? These components do not appear to be symptomatic or failing.

I have the dealership repair manuals if you need to reference any specific pages or wiring diagrams. I'm not sure where to continue my diagnosis from here. I'm trying to see if there is something I can try to test before giving up and taking my car to the dealership. Any help is appreciated. 
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