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Bo's Fitness (un)Boot Camps

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Beat Your Best Camp at 6:00am & 8:30am. Fitness for all!
Do you have fitness goals? Make your dreams come true in a most unique outdoor fitness experience. Change your morning, change your life. Train at Bo's Fitness Camps. Jump in any day!
•45 minute camps.
•Oct. 21st - November 17th, Monday-Friday.
•Fleischmann Park, Naples, FL
Register here:

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A full body, metabolic #workout with a single resistance band you can do just about anywhere. #NaplesFL #Training #Fitness #RBT
Buy bands here:

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Want to get lean? Fix your food! #Nutrition trumps #Training. The 80/20 rule. #NaplesFL #Fitness

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Long before our bodies get cranky and crotchety we get little ticklers that let us see the coming attractions. We tell ourselves we'll do better; eat better, rest more, take care of ourselves ... but stuff comes up, right?

We are playing with house money when we pretend that 40 is no biggie even though our weight has crept up a pound or two a year...

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Here's your #FitnessVideo: We call it the Nicki Minaj Mirage Glute #Workout ...for a round rump
1. Band Resist Deadlift
2. Band Resist Donkey Kick
3. Weight Loaded Elevated Hip Bridge
4. Weighted Drop Lunge
5. Band Split Squat
6. Box Reverse Lunge

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•Join us for an all new season of training at Fleischmann Park in Naples, FL
•Two camp times to choose from Monday - Friday 6:00-6:45am or 8:30-9:15am
•Metabolic conditioning, HIIT, Corrective Exercise, & new Dynamic Mobility Training
•Walk-in for $25/day
•Group Rates Available
•Weekly Rates available:

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#DOWORK with us via #Periscope tomorrow morning at 9:10(ish) for our first live Closer!!

Our Closers are brief but brutal...and most importantly, effective.

If you aren't on Periscope yet, download the app for free and search for bos_fitness_camps.

See you tomorrow morning peeps!

#PeriscopeFitness #NaplesFL #StrongBecause
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Pop-up #workout broadcast from @bos_fitness_camps on #Periscope, today at 5 eastern!!
It's going to be a bodyweight sesh so you can train from home with us. #DOWORK #PopUpBo #NaplesFL #Fitness
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