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I am a person who is passionate. I am passionate about life. I am passionate about writing ... I want to write for myself and for others. I want to tell their stories and touch them to the very core of their soul. I am passionate about taking really good photos, ones that can be put on display inside a home or a gallery, maybe even a magazine or book. I am passionate about my Starbucks city mugs. I have this inane idea of completing all 1,525 pieces. Psycho right?

I am passionate when in love ... I love with all my heart and soul and so when I crash, I burn. This leads me to not want to fall in love again ... or maybe I could in say, 4 years. LOL. I am passionate and so I am vengeful. I can carry a grudge for years and plot the downfall of my enemy in such intricate detail. Trust me, you don't want me as an enemy.

I am passionate about my books. I have over 500 and yes, I know if something will go missing so don't even think of getting my books. They are, as Gollum would say, MY PRECIOUS.

I am a Mother, Daughter, Friend, Ex-Lover, Serial Dater, Employee, Sister, sounding board, sage adviser, an angel and a demon all wrapped in gold dust covered fire cloth.

Most of all, I am ME. I am owned by no one but me.

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