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Iron Horse Logistics Group

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An empty railcar weighs about 20 tons! That's the weight of about 8-10 elephants!

Logistics leaders (top 20% of sector) enjoy a 100% profitability advantage over their competition.

In 1827, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad became the first U.S. company granted a charter for transporting both passengers and freight!

The Transcontinental Railroad was finished and opened for traffic on May 10 in 1869, creating a new era in transportation!

Only 9% of those in the metal industry can assess the impact of a transportation issue w/in the recommended # of hrs!

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Do you know how to handle an overloaded railcar? We do!

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What are at least 3 factors that must be considered when evaluating barge transportation?

The #1 fear supply chain professionals report is that they lack the right knowledge or understanding of the process to succeed.

38 states are accessible to inland waterways making barge a valuable option. Is barge right for you?
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