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iPhone iAm
I had a cell phone in the early stages of this technological breakthrough. <-----  It looked something like that. It was huge in size and it did not have all the functionality as it has today. I used the cell phone, back then, for emergencies while on bus...

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Where dreams come true
BMW = B arbara M onahan’s W heels Where dreams
come true. I was a
tomboy growing up. This means that in addition to playing with ‘girl’ toys such
as dolls, I enjoyed playing sports, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers,
baseball, basketball, football, and ...

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Someone who looks like me
I have grown up with white males holding places of
leadership in my life as politicians, doctors, lawyers, professors, managers
and priests. I had two female managers in my first Accounting position
when I was 26 years old. They saw my potential and provide...

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Promote the dignity and freedom of every person
A sermon preached by the Rev. Beth Rauen Sciaino at St. Bernard's Episcopal Church in Bernardsville, NJ, on the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, June 19, 2016 Scripture: Galatians 3:23-29 Now before faith came, we were imprisoned and guarded under the law unti...

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False gods
Today we offer thoughts and prayers for those killed and
wounded at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, their families, friends and loved
ones. We pray especially for GLBT, those who question their sexual or gender
identity, inter-sexed people, allies and frien...

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Dear Readers, The book I have been working on for the past 4 years is published and can be purchased here: There is also a Facebook page to house pictures of the tattoos discussed in the book. Tattoos are posted as receiv...

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Perceived differences
We are human beings. We come into the world through birth. We leave the world through death. Our body or what I like to call our packaging is the same, fingers, toes, eyes, ears…... We come in two flavors, female and  male. And our gay community enlightens ...

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Lenten Reflection/Calendar 2016
Beginning today, each of us is invited
to write down ONE thing per day, that holds us back or makes us feel "less
than" or causes us to "sin" or keeps us from realizing our full
potential or keeps us from the love of God or that keeps us from recognizing an...

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Moral compass
Religion of Islam       1.    Join
not anything in worship with God ( Shirk )       2.    Be
good and dutiful to parents       3.    Kill
not your children because of poverty       4.    Come
not near to "shameful" sins whether committed openly or secretly ...

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