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The Chiropractic People
Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives
Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives

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Excellent review by Jess Holub, via Facebook

I waited a while to write this, because I wanted to report after quite a while of regular visits for credibility reasons.

My auntie and uncle referred me here five years ago, and I went with them. The improvement then was great; however, I was unable to continue the program as recommended.

Nowadays, five years later, I am able to get the care recommended, as I live nearby, can drive and work again, and can set my own schedule.

I am SO grateful my auntie recommended this place to me. Five years later, when I needed a chiropractor, I knew exactly who I wanted to go to - and I make the drive.

Dr. Nate is a natural healer. With anything I have seen, the top trickles down, and I have come to learn that his staff are natural healers too. Kathy and Aly are still there, and I love them! They are both such sweethearts, and so good in their roles, while making you feel welcome and comfortable/cared for.

This time around, I have mostly seen Shanna for massages, but have also seen Alysa a couple times as well. They are both excellent, and take on their own style/approach to massage. They really believe in what they do, which makes me feel like I'm in the hands of a natural healer as well. They both do such good work, exceeding massages I've had over the years. You just know when they're actually doing something good for your body lol!

I will go on about Shanna, since I've seen her so many times. This woman has a gift. They both do. You can just tell. Over time, going to the same place, you build a rapport and relationship with the person caring for you, and I have to say after this last massage I haven't been the same.

These people have special auras that ooze natural holistic healing in such a sense that it's almost like they have someone else with there that assists in the healing process. It's magnificent, and I believe people who believe that healing is more than physical, these people connect the physical with the whole person.

So I've been back here since May of 2016, with the ongoing care. I wasn't able to run (haven't been able to for five years). Back in 2012, I encountered a mysterious injury that put me in and out of hospitals and unable to do any strenuous, or even minor, exercise without becoming bedridden for weeks at a time. It was devastating! So for four years, I simply stopped exercising and really moving a lot at all, in order to live a semi-normal life physically without movement issues.

They measured some things with machines, and formed my care after this. At the beginning of treatment, maybe two months in, I played football with teenagers for 30 minutes - no repercussions.

Over time, I have been able to help with things like lifting heavy objects, walking up and down stairs repeatedly, playing active games with my nieces and nephews, cleaning, folding laundry, and even Yoga & exercise.

I am so happy to be doing these things again. I'm also encouraged to see such a powerful team in my area that really has something special that helps you believe, with results, that there is hope to alleviate pain, to move properly, and generally feel healthy. Did I mention I've lost 40 lbs? And I'm getting tons of compliments on my posture? My physique has changed! That's not what I went for, but hey - I'll take the extra blessings lol!

What an amazing team. I can't wait to go back lol!

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Excellent review by Laura Bradle Parker, via Facebook

The Chiropractic People has been part of my life for 7 years. Dr. Nate and his staff are great and the office is a very positive, pleasant environment. If you're looking for a chiropractor, I'd highly recommend The Chiropractic People.

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Excellent review by Elizabeth Winsininski, via Facebook

Dr. Nate and his staff are wonderful. He's very patient and takes his time with you and you never feel rushed. He's taken great care of my whole family!

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