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I just had time to lick the spoon.
I felt it coming. I had felt it coming for a long time. It's sneaky. Camouflaging itself as guilt. What's wrong with you? Suck it up. You don't have time for that. I thought I had fought it off. I let my guard down a few evenings ago, and it went in for the...

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using our freedom to lose our freedom
I don't even know how to lead into what I'm about to I'm going to skip the intro. America....what are we doing? Men and women have fought, and continue to fight, for our freedom. People have SACRIFICED their lives for us. Sacrificed their lives s...

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I'm a "bad" friend.
I'm a "bad" friend. I used to be a "good" friend. The text all day, talk all night, drop everything friend. You texted, I replied. You called, I answered. Want to grab dinner tonight? Sure! Then something happened. I got married. And I felt something change...

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To my old, newly pregnant self.
"ORGANIC! Everything my baby eats will be organic.  I've researched. The sparkling baby bullet is sitting in my kitchen. I've decided.  And after baby food...STILL organic.  Mac and cheese? Chicken nuggets? Juice boxes?  GROSS!  My baby will never eat that ...

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We've all had them. Days when we feel like we are 2 seconds away from running away. And by running away, I mean calling someone (husband, mom, friend) and letting them know, in a calm, but serious voice, that you will be leaving exiting your house in a few ...

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