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Shivi G
dreamer,writer and young blogger.
dreamer,writer and young blogger.
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This Week's Blog Construction! Be prepared to see many changes!

Blog Schedule | START MONDAY|

Add New Images to All August Archive Posts.
Edit -like about us page-July Posts.

Edit half of August's Posts-like about us page.
Categorize all Blog Review Series.
If time add at least 5 images to the unfeatured imaged ones.

Edit the remaining half of August posts-like the about us page.
Make images for ALL BLOG REVIEW POSTS.
If time start categorizing the music, life hacks, little guides and award

Start editing 7 seven of September's posts-like the about us page.
Make ALL images for September's posts.
Categorize posts and possibly post a Polyvore outfit.

Finish editing September posts.
Categorize what ever is left.

Wait while more posts are being loaded