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Filling Station
Sometimes I am just not very mindful. I am particularly awful about the gas
tank. My coupe is in some ways lacking bells
and whistles, which I like; but it doesn’t nag you about the gas, which can be
dicey. Sure, there’s a light if you want to look at it, b...

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I was a protestant kid in a Catholic/Jewish neighborhood. I am not sure how I got my opinions of nuns, but my opinions were all second hand stereotypes. Mostly fearful - rulers were mentioned. As an adult Quaker in Oregon, I became a pastoral counselor in a...

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Do Something - Do anything!
It is just all so blasted heartbreaking - infuriating - overwhelming. Human caused disaster and mayhem. Injustice, systemic  and particular. Worse following bad. Words do fail. But we cannot be inactive. We cannot afford inaction. If every appalled human ta...

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My mother was a Christian. She was a conservative Christian. Evangelical. She believed that everyone needed a relationship with Jesus Christ due to a fallen state precipitated by Adam's sin. She worried about my salvation and prayed for me in good times and...

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Deja Vu All Over Again

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O, Happy Fault!
O Happy Fault that merited such and so great a Redeemer! (O Felix Culpa - from the Exultet) The busy bee  in the above picture is a correction bee. He is drawn into The Saint John's Bible - a modern, completely illuminated copy of scripture. The illuminator...

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The Slaughter of the Innocents - A Christmas Refection
I was at Kwibuka Friends Church, up country, Burundi.
My friend David was showing me his home church, the church of his childhood. We
came in the back door - like family. They have a bell. I have an affinity for church bells
and gave it a tug. It sang easil...

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The man on the Bench
Setting:   the main Bus
station – Salem The part of God is played by a 50 year old developmentally
delayed man The part of St. Anthony of Padua is played by a 19 year old
named Tesla It was not a good day. The news had been grim and grimmer.   I was nervous...

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Release vs. Reject
In 2012 I went from working primarily in a marginalized
church to working primarily in a marginalized school. Church on the Island of
misfit toys to School on the Island of Misfit Toys. My real mission didn’t
change at all.   Before it was “Preach the
good ...

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Flashback 2002 - Berkeley and Ramallah
By Request   So
There I was…… In Berkeley California, 2002. There was a war going on, so the Mecca of
non-conformity seemed like a good place to be; but that was not why Alivia Biko
and I were there that weekend. We had another quest. We were expecting. Pre...
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