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I had the worst experience with this place, I was treated very very rudely and the experience was so bad that I am writing a review for the first time in my life. I stopped by in this store with my fiancee to talk about my wedding flowers, she was not there and she called me back...but unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to talk with her about my wedding flowers because she didn't ask (without knowing anything about me, anything about my colors, anything about the reception place)...she talked 15-20 minutes non-stop, mostly about some flower prices that I didn't understand and wasn't interested in. I tried to say that I had a specific plan for my flowers and I just wanted a quote but I couldn't. She completely talked over me, interrupted me the whole time, then she repeatedly asked my budget (obsessively almost), when I wanted to call her back after checking with my fiancee about the budget, her answer was "no, you have to tell me now honey" and the attitude was so rude.. (Among the places that I checked, this was the only place wanted the budget before asking what I want, the other places said they will send the quote and work with my budget). I asked what was the point of her giving me a quote, if I am going to give you a budget, without consulting what I wanted. When I said this, she said something pretty rude and hung up on me. I don't think anyone deserves this kind of treatment and I don't know if I want someone that rude has a hand in my wedding flowers.
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